Abbot Janjic: Negative media campaign agreed at National Security Council meeting in Belgrade

The Abbot of Visoki Decani monastery Sava Janjic warned that, during the last session of the National Security Council in Belgrade, it was allegedly agreed to conduct a negative intelligence-media campaign against certain individuals.

Janjic, who has been, for days, under strong media and political accusations from Belgrade of being a foreign spy and CIA agent, warned in an interview with Belgrade daily newspaper Danas that these individuals will be discredited and their biographies destroyed so that Belgrade could „prepare the field“ for a referendum.

Kosovo Eparchy of Raska-Prizren and Sava Janjic were also under attack during the 1990s, during Milosevic’s regime – when they strongly warned of the danger of war, the suffering and the exodus of both Serbian and Albanian people.

In this way, the public attention is drawn away from the “essence of what the people, whom they are publicly attacking, are saying”, he assessed.

Abbot Sava said that he does not feel personally threatened by direct statements made against him by Serbian officials and pro-government Belgrade media, despite the avalanche of attacks by tabloid-intelligence reports, which are “a machinery of lies and montages”, said Janjic.

Sava Janjic opposed the partition of Kosovo and the ethnic partition, and warned of the exodus of people.

He has been active on social networks for days. In his latest announcement, he revealed that the Belgrade government now advocates Dobrica Cosic’s old idea on the partition of Kosovo, quoting parts of Cosic’s 2004 book „Kosovo“, published by the Belgrade newspaper „Vecernje Novosti“.

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