AAK opposes a point of the agreement with Serbia: We will not surrender a part of Kosovo to anyone

Bela kuća

„The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo does not agree with a point of the agreement between the Kosovan and Serbian delegations in Washington,“ Pristina-based Koha reported a few hours before the signing of the agreement between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti in the Roosevelt Room in the White House in the presence of US President Donald Trump.

The party’s MP, Gazmen Syla told Koha, without revealing precise information, that the AAK „does not agree for any part of the territory of Kosovo to be handed over to someone else.“

„We are not placing pressure on anyone. We are just standing in defense of the constitution of Kosovo from February 17th,“ he said.

On Thursday, a different point of the agreement proved to be a stumbling block for the Serbian side. As the media reported, which was later confirmed by the officials of the Serb delegation, one of the points of the agreement on economic normalization mentioned „mutual recognition“.

The contentious point was „brutally rejected“ by the Serbian president, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic revealed.

The hottest part of the Gazivode deal

The Washington heat is moving to the Kosovo side, with the AAK coalition refusing to support the agreement.

Former MP Milaim Zeka, known to the Serb public for his statement in the Kosovo Assembly that he was sorry that they did not manage to kill more Serbs and turn them into a sausage during the war, was in charge of revealing this „dramatic development“ – this time for the Kosovo side – of the events in Washington.

In the article titled „Milaim Zeka reveals the dramatic development of events in Washington, in connection with Ujmani“ – the terms Albanians use for Gazivode, which was published by the Periskopi portal, Zeka confirmed this development, the „hottest“ part of which is related to „the Gazivode deal“.

Zeka claims that the Kosovo side does not accept the „bilateral“ management of Gazivode.

Flag display game at Gazivode yesterday

Previously, speculations that Gazivoda and Trepca will be discussed in Washington ran rampant in the public.

A kind of media flag display game took place in Gazivode yesterday. As some Albanian and Serbian tabloids reported yesterday, a Kosovan flag was first displayed at the lake as a „message“ before the beginning of the talks in Washington, and then the Serbian flag as well – as a response to this „provocation“.

„When a group of Serbs arrived at Gazivode with the Serbian flag, the Albanians soon left the lake, taking the flag of Kosovo with them,” Serbian tabloids wrote, while also publishing photos of a group of young athletes from the north.

An agreement between the Belgrade and Pristina delegations, if it is signed today, will not be signed by the leaders of the delegations, but will have to be ratified in the assemblies.

The ratification of the agreement in the assembly will present a challenge only for the Kosovo side, where the ruling coalition could lose the formal majority in the assembly by revoking the mandate of Kosovo MP Etem Arifi, who voted to form the government and against whom an arrest warrant (to serve a prison sentence) was subsequently issued. In that case, Hoti will need the support of the Kosovo opposition parties, which refused to be part of the delegation in Washington. In the Serb parliament, the ruling SNS faces no obstacles – two-thirds of the parliament’s deputies come from the ranks of the ruling party, while other deputies are not known as the opposition in the public.

The AAK has two representatives in Washington as part of the Kosovo delegation – Minister of Justice, Selim Selimi, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Meliza Haradinaj Stubla.



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