16 months since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic: The killer will have to be brought to justice one day

Obeleženo šesnaest godina od ubistva Olivera Ivanovića
Photo: KoSSev

Sixteen months after the assassination of the GI SDP leader, Oliver Ivanovic, the same question – still unanswered – arises: Who killed Oliver Ivanovic? GI SDP stated that they „will not allow this murder to remain unresolved and depart into oblivion.“

Only a few people – primarily Ivanovic’s associates and part of his family – lit candles at 10.00h today at the scene of the murder. Only two media teams, as well as a few members of the Kosovo Police, attended this commemoration.

The GI SDP political party, led by Ivanovic, said that the investigation is „treading water“ and that in recent months there have been no „statements or comments nor any official information on who assassinated Oliver Ivanovic.“

„Today, sixteen months later, we stand in the same place where Oliver Ivanovic was viciously killed. We do not have any details on the investigation and there is an impression that the judicial process is treading water. No details, as you know we monitor this on a daily basis and commemorate each month. There have been no statements, comments in recent months from Kosovo institutions, nor from the international community,“ councilor Ksenija Bozovic emphasized.

She said that this party „will always remember this,“ and that it will not allow the murder of Oliver Ivanovic to remain unresolved.

„They can be sure that the killer will be found and brought to justice one day,“ she added.

GI SDP recalled in an earlier announcement that they did not have any information about whether anyone was questioned and whether someone would be held responsible for „the shameful pre-election video which may have even caused the murder, whether someone was interrogated and held responsible for the torching of his car, but also for burning the party offices.“

They also raised the question on what happened to „criminal charges and lawsuits for all acts that were committed against the mayoral candidates in the previous elections.“

The leader of the Civic Initiative „Freedom, Democracy, Justice“ was assassinated in front of his party offices on January 16th of last year, three months after the local elections during which he was, both politically and in the media, accused of being a traitor and destroyer of Serb unity. The incident which preceded his murder – before the elections – was the torching of his car, as well as the car of his pre-election coalition partner in the municipality of Zvecan – Dragisa Milovic.



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