Zyberaj: We will not tolerate Belgrade’s threats to Serbs; Kosovo Office: „Serbs are victims of political violence“

Srpska lista, zastava izbori

„The October 6th elections are the elections of the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens,“ so Belgrade officials will not be allowed to campaign and threaten Serbs in Kosovo – adviser to the outgoing Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli, Jetlir Zyberaj announced today. On the other hand, the Kosovo Office assessed this ban as „Pristina’s absolute fear of Serb political unity.“ They also accused Pristina of turning Kosovo Serbs into “victims of political violence, human rights violations and undemocratic treatment.”

The adviser to the outgoing Kosovo Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, Jetlir Zyberaj posted on his Facebook profile today that Belgrade officials would not be allowed to campaign in Kosovo.

Zyberaj’s announcement arrived after the Assistant Director of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic was recently detained for several hours at the Jarinje border crossing, while the Deputy Director of the same institution, Dusan Kozarev was forced to leave Kosovo on Friday, and one of the Kosovo Office officials, Damjan Jovic was not allowed to enter Kosovo.

As early as September 3rd, shortly after certain Belgrade officials announced that they would visit Kosovo during the pre-election campaign, Zyberaj said that „Kosovo will not allow representatives of any other state to come and participate in the pre-election campaign in the country”.

Today, however, he also said that „Belgrade’s threats to the Kosovo Serb community would not be tolerated“.

„Belgrade knows what the reality in Kosovo is and must observe it, respecting the Kosovo constitution and laws,“ Zyberaj concluded.

Serb people are victims of Pristina’s political violence

The Kosovo Office, however, assessed this ban as “illegal and contrary to the Brussels agreement,” stating that the Serb people are “victims of political violence, human rights violations and undemocratic treatment.”

„No law of the provisional institutions in Pristina can legitimize the harassment representatives of the Kosovo Office have been exposed to in recent days in their efforts to be with their people,“ the Kosovo Office underlined.

They further claimed that there is no such „ban and violence, or fine“ which Pristina can use „to discourage Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and prevent them from voting for Srpska Lista on October 6th.“

At the same time, the Kosovo Office described this decision of the Kosovo institutions as „panicky“ and caused by the “fear of Serb political unity and the unbreakable determination of our people to maintain strong ties with their state of Serbia at all costs.“

„We are concerned by the silence of the international community representatives in Pristina, who are silently observing the escalation of political violence against the Serbian people, unaware that political violence, as seen in the example of the recent burning of a Serb-owned house in Klina, can very easily turn into physical violence,“ they warned.



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