Zyberaj: Pacolli forwarded evidence of Serbia’s genocide to Prosecution; Djuric: A primitive chauvinist campaign

dacic i ziberaj

The Kosovo Foreign Ministry forwarded documents on the alleged „war crimes and genocide Serbia committed against Albanians in Kosovo“ to the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, the adviser to Kosovo Foreign Minister, Jetlir Zyberaj announced on Facebook yesterday. Zyberaj also said that the Serbian diplomacy chief, Ivica Dacic will end up in the Special Court thanks to these documents.

According to Zyberaj, this Kosovo ministry has collected „facts proving that Serbia had a genocidal, orchestrated state policy towards Kosovo implemented by the JNA, MIA and Belgrade-controlled paramilitary formations.“

In the same Facebook post announcing the news that these documents have been forwarded, Zyberaj called the Council of Europe Special Rapporteur, Dick Marty a „corrupt figure“. Marty wrote a report on alleged inhumane treatment of prisoners and illegal organ trafficking, on the basis of which the Special Court for Kosovo was subsequently formed.

„We cannot allow that corrupt figures like Dick Marty, who are using materials provided by the MIA, Army and Serbian intelligence against Kosovo – the same institutions that killed Albanians are now exercising justice – to rewrite the past,“ Zyberaj argued.

He then went to compare Marty’s work to documents collected by the Nazis against Jews who fought for freedom in the Warsaw ghetto.

Zyberaj also expressed a belief that these documents will bring Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic to the Special Court.

The Special Court has the mandate to prosecute war crimes committed in the territory of Kosovo that occurred between January 1st, 1998 and December 31st, 2000. Jetlir Zyberaj’s father was one of the hundred people summoned to testify before this court.

The Kosovo Office also reacted to last night’s news.

„Beghjet Pacolli is a minister of lies and misinformation, because his ‘ministry’, which should not even exist under Resolution 1244, which is still in force, is lying about everything, both about the number of states that have recognized Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence and the wave of withdrawals of recognition,“ the Kosovo Office wrote in a statement.

They described the Kosovo MFA’s initiative as a reaction to an „international defeat,“ calling it „the most primitive chauvinist campaign that completely ignores historical facts and denies the crimes of the terrorist KLA in a highly cynical and inhuman way.“

On the other hand, the Kosovo Humanitarian Law Center warned that information and documentation gathered by the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs can only be treated by the prosecution as information, not evidence as it was not collected in the manner prescribed by law and in accordance with criminal procedures.

Jetlir Zyberaj recently released the alleged record of the SPS party’s chief executive board session from February 1999, arguing that this document shows, among many other plans against Kosovo Albanians, attempts to conceal the massacre and mass expulsions of Kosovo citizens. KoSSev’s journalists, however, could not find anything in the published document which might be interpreted as an intention to cover up massacres or any other crimes. The record, written in Cyrillic, contains reports on the progress of the Rambouillet negotiations, submitted by the former Foreign Minister, Zivadin Jovanovic, and the former chairman of the citizens’ committee of the Federal Parliament of FRY, Milomir Minic, as well as conclusions from this session.





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