Zogaj refuses to accept the 2nd summons of the Special Court, admits to setting fire to several Serb houses

FOTO: Gazeta Express

A former member of the „KLA“, Faik Zogaj revealed during a guest appearance on the talk-show Euronews Albania that he refused to accept the second summons of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for a hearing scheduled for November 22nd. Zogaj also said that he was informed that if he did not respond to this call, he will be arrested before November 28th, the Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported.

In an interview with Euronews Albania, Zogaj protested that the Special Court „does not summon Serb criminals“ – only former members of the „KLA“.

„We are not running away from justice. We are seeking justice,“ he said.

Zogaj revealed that the accusations presented against him were related to the murder of two Serbs. He claimed that he was not responsible for the murders but that he burned down 5 or 6 Serb-owned houses in a “fit of rage” he experienced upon seeing burned houses and murdered people in his village.

He also said that Dick Marty is on the payroll of Russia and Serbia and that the Court will not achieve anything if it relies on the claims from the Marty report.

When asked about the trial of four former members of the „KLA“, Zogaj pointed out that he believes that Kadri Veseli, Hashim Thaci, Rexhep Selimi, and Jakup Krasniqi will be released due to the lack of evidence.

The president of the „Association of KLA Veterans“, Hysni Gucati, announced on February 25th this year that Zogaj received a summons from the Special Court, but at that time it was not specified in what capacity he was summoned.

The deadline for Zogaj to appear in court expired in October. At the time, he claimed that he would not appear before this court voluntarily, the Pristina media reported.


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