Weekly magazine ‘Vreme’ named KoSSev editor the person of the year

Tatjana Lazarević
Foto: Vreme

The editor of KoSSev portal, Tatjana Lazarevic was named the person of the year by a majority of votes of the editorial staff of the Belgrade-based weekly news magazine „Vreme“. As in previous years, the contribution to the advancement of institutions in the public interest was taken as the criterion for the award.

„There is hardly a greater public interest in society than a timely and reliable knowledge of what is happening in Kosovo. The team of Kossev.info, managed by Tatjana Lazarevic, makes that possible. She reports and testifies from the front where a multitude of propaganda, open lies, and political villainy intersect. And she openly testifies. In the year when professional journalism is subjected to contempt and violence, she is one of the brightest examples of journalistic integrity. She does not shy away from saying what she thinks – even in public appearances. And she can think and testify without pathos and passion about the reality that concerns us all, and touches so few,“ ‘Vreme’ magazine wrote.

A full interview with Tatjana Lazarevic will be published in the next issue of ‘Vreme’.

The previous winners of the person of the year award

‘Vreme’ has been awarding the person of the year award since 2001. Bozidar Djelic (2001), Mladjan Dinkic (2002), Ljiljana Raicevic (2003), Rasim Ljajic (2004), Vladimir Vukcevic (2005), Zdravko Ponos (2006) Sonja Liht (2007), Vigor Majic (2008), Milica Delevic (2009), Dragan Djilas (2010), Ivan Tasovac (2011), Jovan Culibrk (2012), Branko Kukic (2013), Olja Beckovic (2014), Saša Jankovic (2015), Ivan Ivanji (2016) and Ivan Medenica (2018) also received this award.

KoSSev won ‘Dusan Bogavac’ award earlier this year

The editorial staff of KoSSev portal won the „Dusan Bogavac“ journalistic award for ethics and courage for 2018. KoSSev portal was the 28th recipient of this award, which has been awarded since 1991.

The reason behind the decision, with a reference to the establishment of KoSSev four years ago, it stated:

„Over the past year, despite all the challenges, obstacles and pressures, the editorial staff has managed to defend the principles of brave, honest and independent journalism.“
KoSSev has gained the vgreat confidence of both the local community and the entire region with their attitude towards the journalistic profession, colleagues from Belgrade underlined.



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