Vucic on the situation in Kosovo: Proud of the Gandhi-like resistance of Serbs; We think we have the name of the killer of Oliver Ivanovic

A „Gandhi-like resistance“ is in force in the north of Kosovo – the Serbian President said during a media conference today, underlining that it makes him feel “proud.” This resistance and „the unprecedented heroism“ are the result of the anti-civil policy of 100% tax on imports of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the very first time, Vucic talked about the suspicions of the Serbian investigating authorities about the involvement of Florim Ejupi, the main suspect in the crime in Livadice, in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. He further claimed that the Serbian authorities „think they know the name“ of the person who shot Ivanovic. Both Ivanovic’s assassination and the policy of taxes are a part of the activities of “widespread espionage and a cooperative network” hired with the support of a part of the international community just after Ivanovic’s assassination – he added. The purpose of this network, which is present in the „religious, political and media sphere,“ is to attempt to present Serbia as “the key culprit” for everything. “Unfortunately, they, with the support of a part of the Serbian public, were quite successful in this” – Vucic stressed today.

European Robin Hood

The Serbian president started his public address by noting that the situation in the north of Kosovo is „increasingly difficult and very complex“ due to the „absolute ban on trade.“ He provided precise data on the number of seized goods in the last seven months – ever since the Pristina government imposed the 100% tax increase on the import of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus de facto suspending the import of these products.

„At that time, Albanians seized 16 truckloads of goods. All drivers were detained, insulted, mistreated. In the last month, more than half of the vehicles have been seized because they are operating in the green belt along the administrative line. Four trucks were seized in Zubin Potok, eight in Leposavic, two trucks in Socanica, two trucks in North Mitrovica. Fourteen trucks carried groceries and two transported animal food,“ he said.

He also pointed out that a truck was shot at in the village of Josanica in the municipality of Leposavic in mid-July.

When someone introduces taxes, that someone forbids you from trading. With a 10% tax you cannot even be competitive with anybody in Europe, the world, or the region, let alone with a 100% tax. And no one is willing to pay double the price for any item. And it’s perfectly clear that this is an absolute ban on trade

While speaking about supplying goods for the Kosovo Serb community, the president posed three main questions: „Why is Pristina doing this? Secondly, what is the ultimate goal of Pristina and some of those from the West who support such actions? And finally, what can we do?“

The President provided an answer to the last question at the end of the conference, when asked by N1 journalist how will Serbia supply products to the north?

The president stressed that Pristina is doing this so that „Serbs forget about Serbia and so that the goods do not come from Serbia“.

„We will figure out how we’ll send food, water and medicine to our people – as we have done before and we will always do so, even if I were to become a notorious European Robin Hood. It is Vucic who is sending food and water from the forest,“ the president said. 

I must say that I was proud of the Serbian people. All 403 out of 403 stores were closed. Completely united in their protest and completely united in their non-violent Gandhi-like resistance to the Pristina authorities. They literally showed that they were able to fight with the methods the Albanians fought with against us in the 1980s and the beginning of the 90s – from Stari Trg and beyond. They showed their ability, organization and, above all, their courage and resolve to survive as Serbs at their hearths and to stand with their state of Serbia, not with some state of Kosovo

He criticized the claims of the Kosovo authorities that the crisis in the north is fake and asked – What did they think how the goods reached the Serbs, from the lithosphere

„The Serbs are not allowed to buy the goods they want with their money“ – Vucic described the situation on the field. 

He also criticized representatives of the international community for „repeating Pristina’s words about a false crisis.“ The president of Serbia underlined that Pristina is the one who is lying:

„Where can these goods pass without paying the 100% tax? If we do not pay, then it’s clear to you what kind of problems we will face. These are the hypocritical and frivolous lies and actions of the international community, a part of the Albanian public and a part of the Serbian public who see some conspiracy in everything. They agreed to secede north. Well, folks, stop with the lies and with the worst possible conspiracies.“

President Vucic then proceeded to list what medicines and products are needed at the Clinical Hospital Center. He also talked about the situation in the North Mitrovica Student Center.

He said that the situation with the supply of these two institutions will be unstable and will depend on the moment „they manage to push through some van with these goods“.

Five-point plan to take over the north

Speaking about why some support Pristina’s actions, the president claimed that Pristina is being allowed to do this because part of the international community believes it is a way to „take over the north of Kosovo and Metohija and expel the Serbian people from their homes in Kosovo.“ Many of them hope and believe that it is possible for the Albanians to solve the problem in the north in this way – claims the president. He added that this is the only way for them to „get out of the deep water“ in which they found themselves along „with the Albanians they supported.“ The implementation of this plan has five points.

„The first point – they resorted to banning the supply and trade of the Serbian population with Serbian goods. In order for people to forget their connection to their homeland, their links to the Serbian language, and to understand that they must live in another state and make peace with it,“ he said.

„The second point – a brutal ban on freedom of speech is in force. The verbal delict was legally sanctioned in the most brutal manner by the Pristina institutions,“ the president explained.

Vucic provided the indictment against the former Kosovo government minister and Srpska Lista member, Ivan Todosijevic as an example on “the ban on the freedom of speech.” During the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombing, Todosijevic said that the motive for the bombing was a „fictitious Racak“.

For this reason, you want to arrest all people, to send them to prison, then send all of us, 7-8 million Serbs from the region. Everyone feels that way. I feel that way. C’mon, talk to UNMIK and issue a warrant for my arrest. What? Just for his arrest? A warrant for everyone here. Everybody feels that way here. But only I can say it openly, while some other politicians are afraid to say this because they fear for themselves

„The third point – the arrest, expulsion and intimidation of all Serbs who oppose them. Every person who fights for the freedom of the Serbian people must be arrested or expelled,“ he underlined.

„The fourth point – they have hired, with the support of a part of the international community, a complete espionage and cooperative network in the media, political and religious sphere to present Serbia as a key culprit for everything. So that they always have, and when they provoke this with their taxes, a justification for the story of – Yeah, Vucic is guilty of this. It suits him that something bad happens in the north so that he can barge into the north with an army. Therefore, Vucic will arrange some sort of partition or I don’t know what else and then Vucic will be guilty of all kinds of things, because there are terrible abuses committed against our people in the north – c’mon, stop with such lies. Of course, they do it very strongly in the territory of Central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija and in some parts of the international public,“ Vucic claimed.

Espionage network established after the murder of Ivanovic

The espionage network, which Vucic mentioned before – albeit only in the political and media sphere, which now, in his words, encompasses the religious sphere, was set up in the north after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the president claimed, adding:

„They hired everyone they could hire – and this has been going on since January 16th after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic – everyone they could hire, the dirtiest and the worst possible – from the espionage, cooperative and every other network in the entire region and the international community. Unfortunately, (they did so) quite successfully, but they were not completely successful, because there were some in Serbia who were ready to confront all their lies, deceits and fabrications.“

„The fifth point – increased lobbying and paying politicians on the international political scene to confirm that the Serbs are not vulnerable and (to say) how this is a game played by Belgrade, who would like to score some political points. And, in fact, Albanians are the victims, who do not give the bread to the Serbs they want to eat, but only the one that is given to them by Haradinaj and Thaci,“ he said.

A considerable part of the president’s public address today was dedicated to the details of the Serbian investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

Serbian investigating authorities have the name of Ivanovic’s killer

The President provided some more details about the findings of the Serbian investigative authorities regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Nexhmedin Zekaj and Florim Ejupi are involved in this case – he stressed. Vucic added that the accusations that Serbia is involved in the murder of Ivanovic are part of a pattern in which pressure, accusations and arrests of members of the Serbian community increase every time the „liberal resistance of our people“ grows.

Albanian and Serbian politicians also contributed to this strategy – he added, stressing that „the complete cooperative network of two services were always available, not only the new and old SHIK, but also some sister services in the West.“

Florim Ejupi was the main suspect in the case of the explosion of the Nis Express bus in Livadice. In the first instance court procedure, Ejupi was sentenced to 40 years in prison, but was subsequently acquitted by the Supreme Court due to lack of evidence. The Ejupi case is full of controversial events, including his escape from Bondsteel.

Milan Radoicic is no boy scout… but Milan Radoicic, bearing in mind everything that we received from the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia and the Security Intelligence Agency, in no way participated in the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic. This was confirmed through different methods of testing, checking and monitoring of the aforementioned gentleman

He also shared Serbia’s questions addressed to the international community – which remain unanswered. We publish President Vucic’s questions on the murder of Ivanovic addressed to the international community.

  1. Why Pristina institutions did not accept Serbia’s requests to join the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic?
  2. The Prosecution of Organized Crime submitted three extensive requests for mutual legal assistance to the competent authority in Pristina, to which our prosecution did not receive a reply or the reply was incomplete. Our prosecution answered all of Pristina’s questions. At the same time, the MIA sent a request to join the investigation in order to find the perpetrator and provide evidence.
  3. Why did we not receive surveillance cameras from North Mitrovica eight months later? At an operational level, we had three meetings at Merdare under the auspices of EULEX between our police and the Kosovo Police, we asked for video material from all surveillance cameras for a longer period before the crime was committed. We only received mounted footage of Oliver Ivanovic and the Opel Astra vehicle immediately before and after the murder. It is a very short period of time that is not enough to reconstruct the movements of the perpetrators and their identity and shed light on the crime. Why was this done?
  4. What is happening with the most important camera footage from the office of Oliver Ivanovic? The video was not delivered with the explanation that the camera did not work at the time of the murder, and that it started working a few minutes after the murder. Even after our insistence, the device was not sent to the competent authorities?
  5. Why wasn’t the DVR from the Civic Initiative premises with the contents recorded by the surveillance cameras returned?
  6. Why, despite several requests by the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime in Belgrade, did the KP deliver clones of shells from the crime scene eight months later? We cannot be on the spot, we cannot carry out the DNA analysis, we cannot get evidence for the sole purpose of excluding the Serbian police and so that they could make their version of the story. They accused half of the world, but nobody knows who killed Oliver Ivanovic. What don’t they say who killed Oliver Ivanovic, why the murder was committed, and what was the motive?
  7. How does Pristina explain the alleged direction the car from which the murder was committed was heading, that is towards the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica to the Suvi Dol?
  8. How does Pristina explain that a chassis number was found at the murder scene, indicating that the vehicle was brought from central Serbia, and that it was previously transported from Austria, which was revealed after two hours? Why did the professionals do this so clumsily? Did they want to plant false evidence?
  9. Why has Pristina failed to submit a recording of the silhouette of the killer, since it claimed to possess such footage?
  10. How does the Pristina side explain the murder motive? Who benefitted from killing Oliver Ivanovic on the day of announcing very important Belgrade elections?
  11. KPS members Dragisa Markovic, Nedeljko Spasojevic and Marko Rosic were arrested in the action of Pristina on November 23rd, 2018. In the request for detention, it was stated that Dragisa Markovic gave information from the scene to a police officer in Serbia – which are false allegations. Why does the Pristina side use false allegations of a fake telephone conversation between Dragisa Markovic and a member of the Serbian MIA, since it was revealed that they were not in contact at the time, but 5-6 months before the murder? The prosecution in Pristina was informed about this.
  12. Why did the Pristina side disavow the investigation with the claims about the involvement of Predrag Todorovic and Milos Cujovic in the murder? It was revealed that on the day of the murder they left North Mitrovica, went to Gracanica and stayed in Pristina, at the Swiss Diamond Hotel, and that they left Kosovo from Pristina airport?
  13. What kind of evidence did Rada Trajkovic give in connection with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic which they refer to in their statements? And this evidence is exclusively connected with Milan Radoicic, Srpska Lista or official Belgrade.
  14. Why did Pristina fail to provide Belgrade with answers to the requests of Serbian judicial authorities regarding the information received by the Kosovo authorities from potential witnesses, or citizens who have knowledge of the crime and the perpetrators? The entire traffic of base stations and mobile operators covering Mitrovica in the period from January 5th, 2018 at 00:00 hours until January 20th, 2018 at 00:00. The contents of the signaling base stations covering Mitrovica for the period from January 15th, 2018 to January 17th, 2018. Data on whether it was confirmed that the Opel Astra vehicle, which was set on fire, was used during the execution of the murder. Has it been established whether the tyre marks from the crime scene belonged to this vehicle?
  15. Why we did not receive the recordings from the Rinas airport in Tirana?
  16. Why we did not receive information about the secret movement of a person named Florim Ejupi? So that we can see how he left Germany even though he was under surveillance there. What, how, and in what way was he working at the airport in Tirana. And then he moved towards Kosovo, disappeared again, and was then returned to Germany from Rinas airport in Tirana?
  17. What was Nexhmedin Zekaj, who changed his name to Lira Zekaj, doing in North Mitrovica? What is his role in all of this and why did we not get information about his movements?

Vucic also confirmed that the Serbian investigative authorities „think they have the name of the killer.“ He stressed that they would continue to collect evidence and conduct an investigation „until we have the name of the killer of Oliver Ivanovic“. According to the president, the Pristina investigation, on the other hand, is „political“ and that is why the Albanians still „have no idea“ about the killer’s name.



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