Vucic: I’m afraid of the KSF transformation, the opposition would like to dismiss me

Aleksandar Vučić, Foto: Tanjug
Aleksandar Vučić, Foto: Tanjug

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is afraid of the session of the Kosovo Assembly scheduled for Thursday which has a discussion on drafting the law on the transformation of the KSF into the Kosovo Army on the agenda. „It’s something that causes fear among us. It is obvious that the Albanians have (a vote), as well as the vote for INTERPOL – which will take place between November 19th and 21th in the Emirates, I think. It’s a very difficult situation for us,“ said the President yesterday.

„I am afraid of this – if they adopt it this week, it is our duty to warn. I begged and warned the Secretary General. You were all witnesses. I repeated several times under what conditions an armed formation is allowed to come to the north of the Province,“ Vucic said during a press conference in Belgrade yesterday.

„I have nothing more to say about that issue than what I have already said many times before and what I told our people at the rally in Kosovska Mitrovica, therefore – we will not leave our people without the support of their state, and whether we will do everything, beg everyone and try everything so that such irresponsible behavior does not occur at all – we will do all of that,“ he added.

The President also announced a forthcoming continuation of dialogue:

“I also hope that there will be some sort of a forthcoming continuation of the dialogue, if not for any other reason but in order to decrease this type of tension that could lead to problems for each of us.“

The President is also afraid of the possibility that Kosovo could soon become a member of INTERPOL. He explained that some of Serbia’s western partners are working „literally with their hands and feet, with all possible forces just so that Kosovo could become a member of INTERPOL.“

Vucic spoke about the opposition and he also mentioned „Solak’s and Djilas’s media“.

While commenting on the claims of the People’s Party leader Vuk Jeremic that in case an agreement on the delimitation with Kosovo is reached, his (Vucic’s) dismissal will be much more difficult because he will enjoy the support of the international community, the President said:

„Well, I thought that those great patriots are worried about Kosovo and Metohija because of our people in Kosovo and Metohija. And they actually worry about the agreement because they are concerned whether they will be able to dismiss me or not. I thought that they had certain ideals. I assumed that they would never (do something) because of the money and the power, but because of the people and national interests … I am really surprised that this is the case. But did he say where did he get €200,000 from the Qatar Embassy or €5,000,000 from that thief? He didn’t say that. Fine,“ said President Vucic.

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