Vucic: I have been accused for almost two years of being involved in the murder of Ivanovic – shame on you, liars are the most disgusting

“ I want to invite all Kosovo Serbs to vote with their conscience on Sunday. My request and my invitation is for them to vote for Srpska Lista,“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said after meeting with Srpska Lista in Belgrade on the last day of the pre-election campaign. Vucic complained about „all attacks and injustices“ against him and Srpska Lista during this campaign, which he described as “the most brutal one yet”. But he again criticized all other Kosovo Serbian political entities that are not „the state project of Serbia.“ The President also complained that he had been accused of being a traitor for seven years, as well as that he was involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. „You should be ashamed, you disgusting liars,“ he refuted these accusations in such a manner

Below we publish some excerpts from Vucic’s address:

This pre-election campaign was the most brutal campaign conducted against Srpska Lista by Pristina, the international community, but also by some people in Belgrade.

The Albanians found their private Serbs they love – who love them more than anything else in the world – just so that they have nothing to do with Serbia and Belgrade and that evil Vucic“ – the Serbian President said.

After the introduction of the 100 % taxes, Pristina imposed a 100 % ban on all those who want to support Srpska Lista.

On the other hand, the President said there was no ban for international representatives who are participating in the campaign.

‘Serbia is calling’ is a violation of the code, but nothing happened so far although Srpska Lista complained that it was presented as a monster list in the list of those Serbs whom the Albanians support (commenting on to be perceived as double standards for the troubled video advertisement of Srpska Lista by Kosovo authorities and the Freedom coalition video in which Srpska Lista was referred to as a political monster).

They accused Srpska Lista, and me sometimes, of anything related to Oliver Ivanovic by using the most heinous and most outrageous lies. Probably thinking that we would steer clear of such topics. And that’s what those who hated Oliver Ivanovic are telling me, and who said the worst things about him, about those who only helped him in prison, and even after he left prison. 

The goal of many countries from the Quinta (Group), all Albanian political structures and those Serbian political structures who are not working in favor of our people in Kosovo, is to weaken Serbia as a whole and Serbia’s position in future discussions with the Albanians,” Vucic said (Vucic also accused part of the Belgrade opposition of conducting an anti-Srpska Lista campaign)

During the press conference, Vucic presented an opposition candidate list to Srpska Lista’s turning a page featuring representatives of the Freedom coalition and pointed to Rada Trajkovic’s name on the list: – It is this icon of Serbian independent media, 1 out of 5 million, which has openly recognized the state of Kosovo. She neither left nor removed herself from the list, nor anything like that.

For seven years, I’ve been hearing that I am a traitor, and for almost two years now, I’ve been hearing that I am a killer. I’ve been a traitor of what for seven years now?! What did I betray?! For seven years, they have been telling me that I was brought to power to betray Kosovo. For seven years, I have been struggling to move the rights of Serbs in Kosovo from its deadlock, where they left them behind without bread and water, where they left them without the right to life… For two years I have been listening to the lies that I and everyone else is involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. You should be ashamed, you disgusting liars. (He also claimed that he helped Oliver Ivanovic by “slipping him and taking out things” while he was in prison).

The Serbian President then invited two Srpska Lista candidates – the dismissed and sued former Kosovo Minister Ivan Todosijevic and Serbian chief of Pec region Vinka Radosavljevic – to come to the pulpit.

Speaking about Todosijevic, who was dismissed from the minister’s post due to his statements on the Racak case and is standing trial now, Vucic stressed that Todosijevic would actually “never withdraw his statement”. On the other hand, he described Radosavljevic as someone who is “keeping the Serb candle burning in Klina”.

He then apologized to both Todosijevic and Radosavljevic for “possibly causing problems and troubles for both them and their children”. 

“Expect them to be arrested, you never know,“ he added.

When asked to comment on a photo recently published by KRIK which allegedly shows Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic, a Kosovo Serb businessman, Milan Radoicic, and current Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli sitting on a yacht, the President replied that he “doesn’t see anything wrong about them meeting with Pacolli”.

“Folks, they’ve talked to him a hundred times before“ – he added. 

But answering to N1 question on whether it is alright to officially meet in a yacht, he agreed that he minded the yacht, asking the journalist whether he “accuses or criticizes ”.

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