Vucic: First samples from North Mitrovica to be tested for coronavirus; patients to be treated in Central Serbia

Foto: Capture, Youtube, Tanjug live

All border crossings will be closed for passengers entering Serbia by roads, railway and river traffic as of tomorrow at 8am. With the exception of transport trucks, no one will be allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said. Vucic also warned that in the coming weeks, an accelerated increase in the number of infected with coronavirus is expected.

The Serbian President confirmed tonight that a few people from North Mitrovica are being tested for coronavirus. The samples were sent to be tested at the Torlak Institute.

„We received the first samples to be tested for coronavirus from North Mitrovica in Torlak. These people will also receive treatment in Central Serbia,“ Vucic said.

Epidemiologist in North Mitrovica: No cases of coronavirus

Epidemiologist of the Public Health Institute in North Mitrovica, Aleksandar Antonijevic, however, told Radio Kosovska Mitrovica earlier today that there are no confirmed coronavirus cases in North Mitrovica.

The president also revealed that if Pristina does not abolish tariffs, he will ask for permission for Serbia to use a red line in order to transport certain goods.

„We will ask for them to allow for us to supply the north of Kosovo and Kosovo Pomoravlje with flour because our people there have a problem with a lack of flour,“ he said, adding that flour is expected to arrive in the north of Kosovo on Sunday.

„I am going to tell our people in northern Kosovo, the flour will arrive on Sunday, whether we get a permit or if we have to use other ways – the people from northern Kosovo will know what I am talking about,“ Vucic said.

Vucic stated that 71,180 Serbian citizens entered the territory of Serbia since the state of emergency was declared. Many of them are disciplined and responsible, he said, adding that there are also „catastrophic exceptions“.

Preuzimanje i objavljivanje tekstova sa portala KoSSev nije dozvoljeno bez navođenja izvora. Hvala na poštovanju etike novinarske profesije.