Vucic awarded the Golden Charter and the Key of the city of N.Mitrovica

Vučić zlatni ključ
FOTO: Predsedništvo Srbije

North Mitrovica marked the Day of the Municipality today, as well as the 77th anniversary of its liberation in World War II. The occasion was marked by the opening of a new transport bridge, the launch of the construction of a new ward building of the North Mitrovica Hospital Center, followed by a ceremony where, among other things, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, was awarded the Golden Charter and the Key of the city of North Mitrovica. On this occasion, Vucic sent a thank you letter, which was read at the ceremony.

The head of the Provisional Authority of North Mitrovica, Aleksandar Spiric, also announced at the ceremony held today that starting from next year, every fourth child in a family will receive monthly financial support in the amount of 10,000 dinars.

In his thank you letter, Vucic underlined that the award comes as recognition of the „years-long joint efforts“ to preserve the peace and security of Kosovo Serbs. The Serbian President also pledged to continue to fight for “the prosperity and progress of Kosovska Mitrovica and all our communities in the province, whether they are located south or north of the Ibar.”

Vucic noted that North Mitrovica is known as a university and business center, whose transformation in the seventy-seven years since the liberation, in his words, testifies to the overall progress of Kosovo Serbian communities.

He stated that North Mitrovica residents mark the Liberation Day as “a symbol of the spirit of freedom and in the memory of their brave fellow citizens,” adding that this city suffered over a thousand victims during World War II.

“Remembering with pride our glorious past and ancestors, we have an even more serious and stronger obligation and desire to ensure all citizens, and generations to come, have a secure future in this area, to enable displaced Serbs to return to their homes, and others to survive and remain safe,” Vucic concluded.



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