Vucic: An Espionage network created a case against Milan Radoicic

Aleksandar Vucic
Foto: RTS, caption

“An Espionage network created a case against Milan Radoicic. By expelling Radoicic from Kosovo, Pristina wanted to weaken the Serb defense of the north of Kosovo because they knew that Radoicic was one of the key figures. They are waiting for a favorable moment to attack Serbs in the north of Kosovo,” the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic stated in the RTS studios today.

Vucic reiterated that Pristina and Belgrade are far from a solution.

„Everything that has happened in the last few days in Pristina, Tirana, but also everywhere in the world, even here in Belgrade, clearly says that I was right when I said that an agreement between Pristina and Belgrade is light years away. On the other hand, it also shows how important it is to not to unfreeze this conflict. It seems to me that we have, even today, a frozen conflict with Pristina,“ Vucic stated.

He expressed his belief that everyone in the world sees that this is not Serbia’s fault. Vucic recalled that the other side did not want to respect the Brussels Agreement and that it did not form the Association of Serb Municipalities, also recalling the introduction of the tax increase to 100%, aimed at “damaging the Serbian state and people.”

Vucic also commented on Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci’s  statement yesterday that he “expelled Radoicic from Kosovo,” claiming that there is a broad campaign led against Serbia and that the espionage networks, including the “political-media network and others in the entire region,” fabricated a case against Radoicic.

On the other hand, Vucic said that he is pleased that Serbia “did not fall for these provocations.”

He also revealed what a chief representative of a Western (intelligence) service told him three days ago: „Of course, they are smart, they tried to fabricate the case. They used your political opponents in Serbia. They used the entire espionage network.“

„That’s why you had all of those people, starting from Rada Trajkovic, who appeared before you and told you with complete certainty that Radoicic was a murderer. They lied, they openly lied, but that suited them,“ Vucic said.

No red INTERPOL warrant against Radoicic

„They are looking for him. We still do not have the red INTERPOL warrant, we still did not receive anything from them that will indicate his involvement, because he could not have killed him. The man was 500 km away from the site but we did not receive anything and we knew it from the beginning,“ the Serbian President emphasized.

The Serbian President is convinced that Kosovo leaders do not want delimitation, adding that it is also the policy of the West and those in Serbia who “pretend to be patriots.” He also criticized the opposition in Serbia again.

„(By expelling Radoicic) they wanted to weaken the Serb defense of the north of Kosovo and they knew that Radoicic was one of the key figures. They wanted to expel him from the north of Kosovo, as we can see today that there is no talk about delimitation, or anything, they are waiting for a favorable moment for an attack on Serbs in the north of Kosovo,“ he added.

The repeated call to Kosovo Serbs not to join KSF

The Serbian President again urged Kosovo Serbs not to apply to join the Kosovo Security Forces, denying Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj’s claims that around 40 Serbs applied to join this formation.

He further claimed that the specific task of Serbian enemies is to divide its people to fight against each other.

Enemy of Serbs from Kosovo Battle, via Independent Ustashi Croatia, to Kosovo

„That’s what they have been doing the entire time and that’s the way they are working against the Serbs. From the Battle of Kosovo, even before the Battle of Kosovo, all who wanted to rule the Serbs – how to divide them, control them, how to get them under control of certain authorities, and turn them against each other. At the time of the NDH, we had at least two Serb ministers. One of them committed suicide after the collapse of the NDH because the independent Ustasha state collapsed, and we know that they murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Jasenovac, Jadovac and many other places,“ Vucic stressed.

Why to wait for 45 days: Withdrawal of Serbs from Kosovo institutions is the ultimate measure, then the battlefield opens

Vucic also counted the participants of the “1 out of 5 million” protest in Kosovo, claiming that there were „around 30“ of them in North Mitrovica and „nine“ in Gracanica.

He described the possible withdrawal of Serbs from Kosovo institutions as the ultimate measure, assessing that „Pristina would no longer be the only one to blame” in the eyes of the world. He warned that Belgrade would be accused of “no longer complying with the Brussels Agreement.”

The ultimate measure, according to Vucic, will mean that „the battlefield has been opened, the only question remains is who will be the first to do something,“ thus explaining the reason behind his wish to wait for 45 days to give an answer to the Serbs who asked him to leave Kosovo institutions.

He further claimed that the deadlines for the decision on Kosovo are “nonsense,” underlining that there are no deadlines. However, according to Vucic, as more time passes the relations with Albanians are increasingly getting worse.

The President of Serbia’s TV speech concluded with messages on peace:

„We do not have enough children for conflicts. If we can preserve the peace, we should do it, but if we are forced, we will have enough strength to preserve our country,“ he stated.



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