V.Decani: Slander, armed attacks, denial of rights are the best indicators we’re endangered

V dečani slava

Continual slander, armed attacks, and the denial of rights are the best indicators that we’re endangered – the Visoki Decani monastery reacted today following the latest accusations and claims made by Albanian historians – that Visoki Decani is „one of the safest places“ in Kosovo.

The League of Kosovo Historians „Ali Hadri“ from Decani, known for their criticism of Visoki Decani, reacted yesterday after Kosovo ministers met with Europe Nostra representatives, that is, following the monastery’s allegations that this organization included Visoki Decani as one of the seven most endangered sites for 2021 due to previous armed attacks, threats, and lack of legal protection.

While the monastery alleges that their rights are endangered, Albanian historians claim that Visoki Decani is one of the safest places in Kosovo because the forces of the NATO alliance secure the building and the area around it.

They underlined that the Kosovo Police should be in charge of the safety of the monastery, and advised the representatives of Europa Nostra „not to engage in politics related to the Visoki Decani monastery.“

At the same time, they once again accused the abbot of this monastery, Sava Janjic, of carrying out a „campaign against Kosovo.“

Underlining that the monastery is not endangered by Albanians, they underscored that the monastery is threatened only by the „malicious policy of the head of the monastery, abbot Sava Janjic“.

The League of Kosovo Historians „Ali Hadri“ from Decani has been the most vocal in opposing the implementation of the ruling of the Kosovo Constitutional Court on the return of monastery land. They also objected to the implementation of the agreement to build a bypass road around the monastery protective zone – something the Eparchy of Raska-Prizren has been insistent on.

According to Visoki Decani, such views are clear indicators of the monastery’s endangerment.

“Continual slander by a group calling itself ‘historians of Decani’, besides 4 armed attacks on our Monastery in the previous years as well as the persistent denial of our legal rights guaranteed by the Constitutional Court and Kosovo laws are the best indicators that we’re endangered,” the monastery tweeted.

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