US senator calls for Radoičić’s arrest after meeting with Vučić and Kurti

američka senatorka Džin Šahin Minhenska konferencija Vučić Kurti Radoičić
FOTO: Preuzeto sa Gazeta Express

A US senator, Jeanne Shaheen, called for the arrest of Milan Radoičić for the events in Banjska on September 24 from Munich earlier this week.

During the Munich conference, Shaheen met separately with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

During a panel discussion that took place at this international forum, the senator underlined that Radoičić „should be arrested and put in jail.“

„He (Milan Radoičić) has admitted complicity in what happened on September 24 and the killings. He needs to now be held accountable for that. Serbia and Kosovo need to cooperate on that now,“ she said after the meeting with Vučić and Kurti.

Vučić confirmed the day before that he had spoken with Shaheen and other US senators in a post on Instagram, stating that they had a long, open and meaningful conversation.

He told them that he was worried about the Kosovo Serbs after Pristina’s latest moves, calling for a return to the dialogue, while also expressing gratitude to the US for its support in finding a solution.

Vučić, on the other hand, did not reveal that they also discussed the events in Banjska, that is, Radoičić.

The call for Radoičić’s arrest comes after this week’s announcement by the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, who, referring to the INTERPOL notice, said that the suspects for the attack in Banjska were included in the international wanted list.

„Quite strange,“ Vučić commented ironically this morning, stating that „INTERPOL’s warrant was issued at the request of independent Kosovo.“

Although Svecla cited the official notice of INTERPOL, it has yet to be published on the website of this organization. At the same time, there are no new suspects for the events in Banjska in the publicly available INTERPOL database of wanted persons.

On September 24, a conflict broke out between an armed group of Serbs and members of the Kosovo Police. In the early hours of the morning, at the entrance to the village, a sergeant of the regular unit of the Kosovo Police was killed. Three ethnic Serbs were shot dead, while several others were wounded and arrested.

In the meantime, the former vice-president of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoičić, took responsibility for organizing the attack.

The media reported at the beginning of December, citing unofficial information, that an international warrant was issued for Milan Radoičić and the other participants in the events in Banjska, that is, that a request has been forwarded. The news was then confirmed by the chief prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Blerim Isufaj, as well as the Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return, Nenad Rašić.

Bearing in mind the fact that Kosovo is not a member of INTERPOL, UNMIK mediates requests for issuing international warrants.

UNMIK, however, officially refused to talk about individual persons, and whether they have already submitted a request to INTERPOL.

In response to KoSSev’s inquiries, they stated that they process all the requests they receive from the Kosovo authorities for the issuance of international warrants and then, if necessary, send them to INTERPOL.

On the other hand, authorities in Belgrade are also investigating the events in Banjska.
At the beginning of October, Radoičić was detained by police in Belgrade, and remanded a 48-hour custody. He was quickly released, after the High Court in Belgrade rejected the proposal for detention.

When asked if Radoičić will be arrested after the INTERPOL warrant is issued, the Serbian president of Serbia said earlier this morning:

„Take it easy, let the competent authorities of the state of Serbia do their job… Our state authorities are doing their job and conducting an investigation, and they will act accordingly,“ said Vučić.

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