Trajkovic: I’m being threatened for testifying in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

After Oliver Ivanovic, this country cannot afford to play dumb to threats made against Rada Trajkovic, lawyer Bozo Prelevic said at a press conference organized today by Trajkovic. While I’m on this “road to Calvary”, the humanization of a „man of the mafia“ as a protector of Serbs is underway, Trajkovic said.

Trajkovic held an emergency press conference today, expressing concern over the alleged pressure from certain state structures to which she and her family have been exposed. The pressure is reflected in threats, and extortion through court proceedings initiated by the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, and one of the heads of the BIA (Serbian Intelligence Agency), Bojan Dimic, as well as limited freedom of movement, says Trajkovic. According to her, all of this is happening because she did not give up on testifying in the proceedings for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic – as she subsequently confirmed for KoSSev.

She says that even before she testified in the court in Pristina, that is, immediately after her first public statements about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the pro-regime media launched a „terrible campaign“ against her – after which Trajkovic purportedly faced a series of problems.

„Indeed, I had no other intentions than to keep the subject alive. Apart from the fact that the journalists helped me to a good extent. However, from then on, my road to Calvary and my persecution began,“ stressed Trajkovic.

She recalled the accusations made against her by the former head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, and the writings of the Belgrade-based Alo tabloid when she spoke out about the alleged involvement of Milan Radoicic, as well as others, in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

Furthermore, she reminded that the Serbian President himself allegedly publicly presented the details of her testimony before the Special Prosecutor in Pristina.

This Kosovo Serb politician accused Kosovo’s judicial authorities of allegedly supplying her testimony from the investigation to the President of Serbia.

„My testimony in the pre-trial proceedings ended up on Mr. Vucic’s desk and he read it, accusing me of allegedly being responsible for some people being arrested on suspicion of having participated in the organization of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder. In so doing, I was directly threatened because anonymous and public, less public, transparent and less transparent, very brutal threats began to arrive. In fact, it was announced that I would have a hard time getting out of all this.“

Trajkovic emphasized that she still „strongly respects institutions“ despite everything, which was why she testified about her findings regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic before the authorities in Pristina and Belgrade.

„But unfortunately, Belgrade never passed the preliminary investigation and it even made efforts to somehow keep all of this at that stage,“ added Trajkovic.

From dismissal to retirement, to court appearances

Trajkovic stated that four court processes are pending against her before the Serbian judicial authorities as per the lawsuits made by the head of the BIA department Bojan Dimic (2) and the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic (2).

She revealed that she found the court summonses for the last hearings taped to the door of the apartments of her children.

„I perceive this as a threat and I feel helpless because obviously, we have a connection between the state and crime,“ Trajkovic emphasized.

„Not to mention the personal problems I had, from the fact that I was dismissed from the post of director of the Health Center, that I was forced to retire as a professor at the medical faculty, that my son lost his right to work, he was fired and to this day he simply cannot find a job or they are not allowing him to work anywhere; Lately, the only time I leave the house is to go to trials where I was literally attacked with criminal charges – Mr. Bojan Dimic, director of the BIA for the fight against crime and corruption and the mafia, and Radiocic, a man labeled as a man of the mafia. Their joint lawyer is Petronijevic. I don’t know the legal order, but can the same man defend the head of a department of the BIA and a man included on the US list as a suspect in Oliver Ivanovic’s murder and as a member of the mafia?“

According to one of the judgments in these cases, Trajkovic states that she is obliged to pay 600,000 dinars to the mentioned head of the BIA as compensation. She revealed that a third of her income goes to paying this compensation.

Trajkovic claims that she allegedly found out about this judgment through the actions of the bailiff and that she is currently trying to renew this court procedure.

While I’m on “a road to Calvary,” the humanization of Radoicic is in progress

While stressing that she is on “a road to Calvary” for testifying in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Trajkovic claims that „humanization“ of the character and actions of the SL official, Milan Rodicic, whom she described as a „man of the mafia“, is underway.
In her words, although the citizens of Kosovo believe that Radoicic is the person allegedly responsible for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, he is still welcomed in the institutions of Serbia.
„His humanization is underway, he is personified as the protector of Serbs and should currently serve as a man who will help to defend Serbs in the North of Kosovo.“

She also recalled the direct threats she received by phone at the end of August. Trajkovic adds that she forwarded the phone number from which the threats arrived to the MIA and the prosecutor’s office, along with the content of the threat itself: „You’ll see what’s going to happen to you.“ Trajkovic says that the caller was a man, who spoke in an aggressive tone. Furthermore, she claims that the threats are directly connected to what she said about Milan Radoicic the day before.

She revealed today that she was allegedly contacted by the commander of the former “29. novembar” a month and a half later, who told her that the identification of three persons was underway. The commander did not reveal any further details, only that the information about the phone call would be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. So far, Trajkovic did not receive any further information about the case.

Moreover, Trajkovic said that the person responsible for the base stations actually revealed to her – immediately after the incident – the name of the person who threatened her – purportedly a former member of the police in Djakovica who now resides in Trstenik.

The police protection provided to me by the Serbian police authorities was recently terminated, Trajkovic said today.

„I had police protection for a while, and it’s absurd – that after the press conference of President Vucic, I get protection from the state, and I’m officially told that it’s because of Albanian extremists and terrorists, in the middle of Belgrade, to Merdare,“ she said.

Prelevic: Concerned over the similarities with Oliver Ivanovic

Lawyer Bozo Prelevic also addressed the public at Trajkovic’s press conference, describing Rada Trajkovic as his friend from the time when he worked in Kosovo as a judge.

„What particularly concerns me is the many similarities with Oliver Ivanovic. First, threats were made against her, she deeply believes – related to her testimony in the trial of the killers of Oliver Ivanovic. Also, what is interesting is that she is informally told by the police that some Albanian mafia is threatening her, but when asked by who and which Albanian mafia, they do not know the answer. So if you know who is threatening, then it would be wise to let her know. If you know who is threatening, then you know exactly what she is jeopardized by,“ Prelevic said.

Prelevic assessed that it is „particularly troublesome“ that not only is she being threatened, but her children are also put at risk, as well as a certain person from Kosovo Trajkovic regularly visits.

„These are all Serbian places and it is clear where the threats are coming from. The problem arises when the president and the prime minister describe the persons who are listed on the indictment for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic as persons representative of the Serbian community,“ adds Prelevic.

Rada thinks that these threats are not random and that it is clear who can benefit from these threats in the proceedings against Oliver Ivanovic – he concluded.

„This country cannot afford to play dumb to this kind of threats after Oliver Ivanovic. If we remain silent here too, without solidarity and turn a blind eye to all this… I hope that nothing will happen to Rada. A lot of people in Kosovo owe doctor Trajkovic because of her medical services, civic resistance and engagement, and the only thing she didn’t deserve to get in return is to feel absolutely unsafe both in Kosovo and Belgrade, and that’s what’s happening right now. And that’s why I think that both the MIA and the BIA have to pay attention and great care and dedication to this and after long monitoring of her phones, somehow protect Dr. Trajkovic“.

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