Todic: In rain or snow – we are fighting for the rights and interests of Serbs

Zoran Todić
Foto: Printscreen, RTS

The upcoming mayoral elections in the north are held “in an ambiance of fear and uncertainty” – one of the candidates in these elections and a member of Srpska Lista, Zoran Todic said on the eve of the extraordinary elections scheduled for Sunday.

The former Mayor of the Leposavic municipality and a candidate in these elections, Zoran Todic recalled the reasons behind the resignation of the four mayors in the north of Kosovo, which led to the announcement of these extraordinary elections. He also recalled the initial intention behind this decision -„to exert pressure to abolish the taxes.“

„The taxes are not the only reason behind our resignations. At that time, however, by doing so we wanted to influence a part of the international community and authorities in Pristina to come to their senses and in that way exert pressure to abolish these taxes,“ Todic said, RTS reported.

Simply put, citizens living in the north have been living in uncertainty for a number of years now, but here we are, ready to fight because there is no going back from here

He also recalled that „the Law on the Transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces and the Law on Trepca were adopted, while a new resolution on the dialogue with Belgrade was announced after the introduction of the taxes.“

Despite all the pressures and blows suffered by the Serbian people over the past twenty years in Kosovo and Metohija – we are not tired. We have shown this numerous times by fighting for our rights and interests to stay at our hearths and by protecting our interests for the sake of a better and secure future both in rain or snow

„The more people that go out on Sunday to exercise their right to vote, a clearer message will be sent to the authorities in Pristina and the international community on what Serbs who live not only in Leposavic but also in all four municipalities want and what they desire,“ he sent a message to the citizens, urging them to „bring their neighbors, parents, godfathers, and friends“ to vote on Sunday.

According to Todic, these elections are an opportunity to „show that the Serbian people are ready to fight for dignity, for their rights.“ He stressed that his party colleagues „are ready to continue to fight for the interests of the Serbian people, as they have been doing in the past twenty years.“

Srpska Lista was founded as a civic initiative in 2013 before the first Kosovo elections in the municipalities in the north .

The pre-election campaign started tonight at midnight and will last for five days.

The candidates from the ranks of Srpska Lista, the Democratic Party of Kosovo and the Movement of Self-Determination will participate in the elections.

The elections will be held on Sunday, May 19th.

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