Three drug labs discovered in North Mitrovica, two Serbs arrested

Members of the Kosovo Police carried out an action against drug production and trade in North Mitrovica yesterday. During the action, they unearthed three drug labs and arrested two persons of Serb ethnicity. Kosovo Interior Minister linked these activities with “criminal structures supported by Petkovic and Vucic.” As a response, the head of the Kosovo Office accused Svecla of attempting to criminalize Serbs and the north as a whole.

The Kosovo police reported yesterday that three drug labs were discovered and destroyed. Around 1,200 narcotic plants were found in two of them, while the third contained only cultivation equipment. They also confirmed that two ethnic Serbs were arrested.

On the scene, KoSSev confirmed that part of the action was carried out in a private facility located directly behind the Basic Court and in close proximity to the Detention Center.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Interior Minister announced that the drug lab and narcotics discovered are valued at €2.3 million.

“The co-owner of one of them is D.S., who attacked the Kosovo Police officers last month. He part of the gangs who take orders from organized crime in Serbia,” he tweeted.

The incident at the police checkpoint near the Bistrica Bridge occurred on January 23rd, when KP officers opened fire at a moving vehicle carrying two persons – M.D. and D.S. One of them was injured – M.D., who was then transported and hospitalized in Serbia proper. The very next day, the ministers of defense and health of Serbia, as well as the head of the Kosovo Office, paid visited him in the hospital.

At the time, Pristina announced that the police officers were „forced to open fire in the direction of the vehicle“ because they „felt threatened“ after the driver allegedly hit a police car and refused to pull over.
On the other hand, Belgrade denied Pristina’s claims, stating that M.D. and D.S. „were running away from bullets and did not attack anyone.“

In the meantime, the Kosovo police announced that M.D. and D.S. were accused of dozens of crimes, including murder.

According to him, December’s barricades protected the drug dealers, not citizens, thereby serving criminal interests.

“Criminal activities in the northern part of our country are carried out by paramilitaries and drug dealers, protected by President Vucic and Petkovic.”

In turn, the head of the Kosovo Office accused Svecla of attempting to criminalize Serbs and the entire north.

He also said that Svecla „uses isolated and individual cases for his dirty propaganda and open hatred towards everything Serb“, and stated that Serbs, as well as the Serbian state leadership, do not support criminal activities.

At the same time, Srpska Lista announced that Svecla’s attempts to make a connection between yesterday’s arrest and „the attempt to kill“ M.D. near the Bistrica bridge were futile, pointing out that M.D. was not arrested in yesterday’s action.

Svecla reacted once again, announcing on Facebook and Twitter that Srpska Lista and Petkovic were “agitated by some reactions” this Sunday.

“The point is simple: with laboratories, drug traffickers, and criminals being used as political tools, the false facade only lasts until the next police action,” he said.

He revealed that eight drug labs were discovered within 24 months and that three drug labs were found yesterday alone.

Svecla also shared the full names of four ethnic Serbs, the alleged owners of these drug labs – M. D, I. S, D. S. and N. F.

“They were all involved in attacks on the Kosovo Police. They set up barricades and intimidate Serbian citizens who refused to cooperate with them.”

Svecla also shared photos taken at the hospital when Serb Minister of Defense, Milos Vucevic, Minister of Health, Danica Grujicic, and the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, visited M.D. who was injured by KP members near a police checkpoint on the Bistrica Bridge.

“After these attacks, they were visited by the Minister of Defense, Milos Vucevic and Petkovic, while supported and protected by Vucic, Lista Srpska and Milan Radoicic.”

He stated that he is of the opinion that Serb officials would prefer that these photos not to exist.

“The Serbian ministers involved in these instrumentalizations with criminal gangs would prefer that these photos and videos not exist, but they do, and they provide strong evidence of what lies behind their so-called ‘politics’,“ Svecla concluded.

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