The head of the Provisional Authority of Kosovo Polje resigns

Boban Stanković, SLS
Foto: Gračanica online

The head of the Provisional Authority of Kosovo Polje, Boban Stankovic, has tendered his resignation from this post. 

Stankovic himself confirmed the news for KoSSev.

„As I told another media outlet last night, I am tendering my resignation for personal reasons,“ he told KoSSev in a telephone conversation.

An audio recording appeared on social networks yesterday of Stankovic allegedly verbally insulted the President and Prime Minister of Serbia.

Stankovic refused to confirm the authenticity of the recording for KoSSev, reiterating that he has no “further comments for now.”

„I don’t want to comment on that right now, I will present it to the court, and the court will deal with it. I don’t want to comment now, it’s not the time. I will contact you when I have something to add,“ he said.

A longtime member of the SLS party, Boban Stankovic, was dismissed from all positions in this party at the beginning of 2020, for “working against” the SLS, it was announced at the time.

Immediately after that, he became a member of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), RTV Kim reported.

At the beginning of the year, by a decision of the Government of Serbia, he was appointed as a member, and then the head of the Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Kosovo Polje.

In early 2019, while he was still a member of the SLS, Stankovic and other members of this party were reportedly held up at the Merdare border crossing and questioned by BIA (Serbian Intelligence Agency). The SLS alleged that the move was a form of pressure on its members.

In the former Hashim Thaci-led government, Stankovic served as Minister of Communities and Returns, as well as Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in the government of Isa Mustafa.

While tendering his resignation as a minister in 2008, he also cited „personal motives“ as the reason, which the Kosovo government also confirmed. Stankovic decided to resign after Kosovan media published a series of articles about Stankovic’s alleged abuse of office.

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