Tatjana Lazarevic and Slobodan Georgiev win the „Stanislav Marinkovic“ award

Tatjana i Slobodan nagrade
FOTO: Danas

Translation provided by KoSSev

The editor of the KoSSev portal from North Mitrovica, Tatjana Lazarevic and the editor of BIRN and a journalist from the Vreme magazine, Slobodan Georgiev are this year’s winners of the „Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic“ award, traditionally awarded by the Danas daily on the occasion of June 9th – the day this daily newspaper was established.

The jury underlined that Lazarevic and Georgiev, each in their own way, represent authentic personalities in the public space of Serbia and that their professionalism stood out in the past year – in a difficult time for the media.

„Their bravery, above all, in their professional work, as well as in public appearances, bring back hope to the profession which, due to the undemocratic regime in Serbia, found itself kneeling over. Tanja Lazarevic is one of the few remaining voices of reason from the north of Kosovo, whose courage and analytics are admirable, especially given the environment in which she works and the attacks from the top of the Serbian state – which she is cleverly and defiantly battling. Slobodan Georgiev, on the other hand, especially as the editor of BIRN, has initiated many important and tricky topics that have shifted the boundaries of investigative journalism,“ the jury stressed.

They emphasized that Lazarevic, in KoSSev, and Georgiev, in BIRN, are leading teams of young dedicated journalists and that this is a recognition not only for them, but for all journalists who follow them in the struggle for truth and professionalism.

The jury – which included Dragana Marinkovic, wife of Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic, Jasmina Lukac, editor of the Political Section of the Danas daily, Rada Radovanovic, shareholder representative of the Dan graf company, Bozidar Andrejic, Danas night editor, Zeljko Bodrozic, last year’s winner (together with Predrag Blagojevic), Branislav Guta Grubacki, president of Novi Optimizam, and Dragoljub Draza Petrovic, editor-in-chief of Danas (head of the jury) – made the unanimous decision to award Lazarevic and Georgiev with the „Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic“ award for journalistic courage and special achievements in research and analytical journalism.

The award, in the form of money and a plaque, will be presented at a ceremony in the Danas editorial office on Sunday, June 9th – on the day of the establishment of the newspaper.

The „Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic“ award was given by daily newspapers „Borba“, then „Nasa Borba“, and since 2000 by the daily newspaper „Danas“. Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic was the editor-in-chief of the Borba daily, one of the pioneers of free journalism in Serbia, and the president of the Association of Journalists of Serbia.

Since 2000, one of the most prestigious awards in Serbian journalism has been received by:

2000 – Miroslav Filipovic

2001 – Petar Lukovic and Radomir Iric

2002 – Mihal Ramac

2003 – Milos Vasic and Dejan Anastasijevic

2004 – Predrag Koraksic Koraks

2005 – Vukasin Obradovic

2006 – Jugoslav Cosic

2007 – Dimitrije Boarov

2008 – Dragan Bujosevic

2009 – Ruza Cirkovic

2010 – Svetislav Basara

2011 – Dragoljub Petrovic

2012 – Ljubica Gojgic

2013 – Viktor Ivancic

2014 – Muharem Bazdulj

2015 – Zoran Kesic

2016 – Aleksej Kisjuhas

2017 – Dusan Petricic

2018 – Predrag Blagojevic and Zeljko Bodrozic

„Nikola Burzan“ award to Aleksandar Milosevic

The journalist and editor of the Economic section of Danas – Aleksandar Milosevic was awarded the “Nikola Burzan” award, given by the Danas newspaper to the journalist/ employee who stood out the most in the past year.

As an editor, Aleksandar Milosevic led a „small revolution“ in the economic section, thus improving the quality of the content of the Danas daily. Problematic or exclusive economic topics – from investments to corruption, often found themselves on the front pages of our newspaper, and they were done in a serious and attractive manner, which is a good ‘recipe’ for all credible, but modern media – the jury stated.

Milosevic also stood out with his high-quality columns, which are easily understood even by those who are not economic experts – something only talented authors can accomplish. It is realistic to expect that he will make further progress in the future, bearing in mind the great potential he possesses. This award is an incentive for him and other young and talented journalists to constantly work on themselves, in the interest of our editorial staff, as well as the journalistic profession – the jury underlined.

The jury was comprised of Zorica Miladinovic (president), Grujica Spasovic and Aleksandar Roknic.

Friends of Danas: Stojanovic, Bjelogrlic, Milanovic and Bakic

The Friends of Danas Award (Prijatelj Danasa) for 2019 was given to a Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Dubravka Stojanovic, architect, Dragoljub Bakic, actor, Dragan Bjelogrlic, and Mayor of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanovic.

This honour has been awarded since 2003 to individuals as an honorary recognition of a lasting co-operation with our daily and a shared commitment to the ideals of truth, freedom, progress and democracy.



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