Svecla published a video reportedly showing an armed Radoicic in Banjska?

The head of the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Svecla, published a video today, allegedly shot on Sunday, reportedly showing Milan Radoicic in camouflage uniform and heavily armed.

In the video, a group of uniformed persons, ten of them, can be seen in front of the lower guesthouse of the Banjska monastery.

In front of the facility, at the beginning of the video, eight uniformed individuals wearing body armor can be seen, most of them with caps and hats, most of whom are sitting. At least one person might have been wounded, as he appears to be limping.

Shortly afterward, two uniformed and armed persons emerge from the building, one after the other, the second of whom is identified in the video as Milan Radoicic.

The same person is seen talking through a device he is holding in his hand, which looks like a radio device or a telephone.

At one point, he looks up briefly, almost in the direction of the camera filming them. After that, he quickly enters the building, followed by the rest of the group, who also look up before they enter the facility.

The video also shows an allegedly anti-tank M-80 grenade.

A group of pilgrims from Novi Sad originally stayed in this lodging in the lower section of the monastery before, as we have unofficially discovered, they were thrown out of this building by armed individuals. After that, the guests from Novi Sad entered the monastery itself, before an armed group broke the locked monastery gate with an armored vehicle and entered the complex.

Yesterday, Kosovo media published videos showing armed persons fleeing the monastery. The authenticity of those recordings, however, has not yet been confirmed, unlike the recordings Svecla has now published.

„The person in the videos below is Milan Radoicic, the vice-president of Srpska Lista, who was also blacklisted by the US and the United Kingdom. The head criminal Radoicic was the leader of this terrorist group and the attack in which policeman Afrim Bunjaku was killed. This is another proof of his terrorist activity against the Republic of Kosovo. The vice-president of SL is the leader of a terrorist attack and a group of terrorists,“ Svecla wrote, repeating the allegations from yesterday.

With this, he added, „the terrorist road map is being cleared up day by day.“

„Aleksandar Vucic through Srpska Lista, and they through their vice president Radoicic – carried out a terrorist action against the legal and constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, trying to destabilize our Republic.“

„Therefore, the SL sees its participation in Kosovo only in a terrorist way. They didn’t succeed,“ he alleged.

Although Svecla made allegations about the alleged presence of Milan Radoicic as part of this group at a press conference yesterday, when a large amount of weapons and vehicles were shown in Banjska, he published this video only after Srpska Lista announced a three-day mourning period in Kosovo Serb communities due to the death of three Serbs who are designated as attackers.

This minister emphasized that “the declaration of a day of mourning by SL and the state of Serbia“ proves that they are behind this.

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