Svecla on the arrest of ethnic Serb Z.A.: Justice is delayed, but inevitable


Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Svecla said in a Facebook post earlier this morning that: „We neither forget nor forgive the crimes committed during the Kosovo war. Justice for any inhumane act against innocent citizens is inevitable.“ This statement came after the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that an ethnic Serb Z.A. was arrested under war crime charges committed in Kosovo in 1999.

The Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office announced today that the police arrested a man (Z.A.) of Serb ethnicity, who is accused of committing „war crimes against the civilian population“ in February and March of 1999.

Although Z.A. had just been detained as a suspect for an alleged war crime, the Kosovo Interior Minister reacted immediately, revealing that he was „informed“ about the arrest.

„I was informed today that a citizen of Serbian ethnicity has been arrested who is accused, in his capacity as an official, of using violence, torturing, and mistreating innocent Albanian civilians during 1999. He is also accused of participating in the forced expulsion of residents of Kamenica in cooperation with Serb paramilitary structures,“ said Svecla.

Similarly to many other Pristina officials, this Minister has repeatedly accused Serbia of „genocide“ in the past.

„Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo and that is a well-known fact. The perpetrators of crimes against innocent civilians were never punished for these crimes or received even light punishments,“ said Svecla.

„Since we have the fresh pain of every oppressed, abused, expelled, massacred, and missing citizen, justice is necessary, delayed, but inevitable,“ said the Kosovo Interior Minister.

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