Srbija Danas: From a power grid failure in several municipalities to „the biggest problem yet for the fake state“

FOTO: Preuzeto sa Srbija Danas

A strong storm hit the Balkan Peninsula this weekend, causing power grid failures in some parts of Kosovo, resulting in a certain number of consumers facing power outages. In its report on the issue, the Belgrade-based tabloid Srbija Danas used a bombastic, but also inaccurate headline, stating that power outages were recorded in all of Kosovo. At the same time, they politicized the overall context in which the outages took place:

„FAKE STATE IN THE GREATEST PROBLEM YET: Faced a total collapse, power outages in the entire country“ – reads the title of the text published by this tabloid on Sunday.

The news was initially published by the Tanjug news agency, under the title: „Power cuts in KiM due to a strong storm.“ This article contained no information as to whether power outages were recorded throughout Kosovo.

Although Srbija Danas specified in its headline that the power outages were documented „throughout whole state“, that is – that „the fake state is facing the greatest problem yet,“ this information was not substantiated or mentioned in the article itself.

It is noted that as a result of a strong storm that hit „the entire Kosovo and Metohija,“ electric wires were ripped apart, and power lines were blown down, which led to an interruption of the electricity supply.

This media outlet also reports that the hardest hit regions are Pristina, Pec, Urosevac, and North Mitrovica, and that large parts of Gracanica were left without power from three o’clock on Saturday until noon on Sunday.

As a source of the information about „ripped wires and downed power lines,“ this text cites the Kosovo Energy Distribution Services (KEDS) company.
KEDS confirmed that the electrical failures would be repaired as soon as possible, calling on consumers for understanding, concludes the text published on the website of the tabloid Srbija Danas.

On Sunday afternoon, KEDS announced that the strong winds damaged the power grid in Kosovo, particularly affecting the area of Urosevac, Pristina, Mitrovica, and Pec. They also shared several photos of destroyed power lines.

However, in this same announcement, it is stated that a „certain“ number of users were left without electricity – not „the whole state“ as claimed by Srbija Danas in the text published just four hours later.

A strong storm on Saturday also caused a failure in the electricity network in the north of Kosovo, causing short power outages in North Mitrovica on two occasions.
Also, according to RTV Kim, some returnee villages – Osojane, Kos, Zac, Saljinovica, Suvi Lukavac, and Tucep had no electricity on Saturday.

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