Spiric: I condemn every attack and demand that those responsible are found, attacks on the municipality are shameful

Aleksandar Spirić

„I strongly condemn every attack and all violence, regardless of who the victims or perpetrators of the crime are, and not only that, but I demand that the competent authorities find and prosecute those responsible,“ the head of the North Mitrovica Provisional Authority, Aleksandar Spiric said a day after four masked assailants attacked RTV Puls owner from Silovo, Nenad Milenkovic in front of North Mitrovica municipal building.

On the other hand, Spiric estimated that „the attacks on the municipality of North Mitrovica and attempts to link yesterday’s incident with our institution, which at this time endeavors to serve all citizens, especially the most vulnerable ones, are absolutely shameful.“

„The incident itself, according to the statements of the authorities, took place outside the premises of our institution,“ Spiric said.

The head of the North Mitrovica Provisional Authority reminded the public that yesterday’s case has several unanswered questions that the investigation must answer.

He also said that in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Public Health Institute recommended that the municipal building stays closed from 7 am to 12 am, from April 24th to April 30th. According to Spiric, this decision was made bearing in mind that the building is being disinfected because „one of the employees tested positive for coronavirus“.

Spiric said that the municipality could not provide services to citizens in the municipal premises at the above-mentioned time. He added the municipal services were engaged in the field, and that he was visiting the construction site where the apartments for citizens of „Samacki blok“ are being built.

Unacceptable for anyone to attack Serb institutions with lies

Spiric reiterated his demand for a thorough investigation of this case, stressing that everyone should bear responsibility for what they say.

„At the moment when all institutions give their maximum in the fight against coronavirus, it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to attack Serbian institutions with blanket statements and lies,“ Spiric said.

On the other hand, he emphasized that – in these times – this institution has a huge responsibility when it comes to citizen support.

„Notwithstanding these unprecedented attacks and defamation, the municipality will continue to serve the citizens and support everyone in the fight against coronavirus,“ the president of the Provisional Authority concluded.

The owner of the private company “Puls inžinjering”, Nenad Milenkovic claims he was attacked by four masked assailants yesterday in front of the Serbian-sponsored North Mitrovica municipal building.

Milenkovic was going to apply for a public tender for the construction of residential buildings in North Mitrovica.

Milenkovic suffered blows to the head and other parts of his body and has a medical report which can confirm that he received medical assistance, including stitches.

“Around 09:30 today, I went to the municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica building for business reasons. I tried to go to the records office to deliver documents. However, as soon as I stepped out of the car, they were waiting for me, that is, I saw from the car that some people were waiting for me. Four masked assailants were waiting for me. They confiscated those documents. They started beating and kicking me in the head. While they were beating me, they asked me several times – who sent you and why did you come,” he told KoSSev.

He was unable to identify the attackers because they were wearing masks. Milenkovic, however, claimed they „must have been sent by someone from the municipality“.

The attack on Milenkovic was condemned by media associations, the OSCE in Kosovo and Vienna, the Kosovo Office, demanding that the competent authorities identify the facts and circumstances of the case as soon as possible and find those responsible, as well as to determine motives. The public company “TV Mreza” – which RTV Puls is also part of – also reacted today.

Independent TV Mreza – We strongly condemn the attack on the owner of RTV Puls

The independent TV Mreza strongly condemns the physical attack on the owner of RTV Puls and the company „Puls inzinjering“, Nenad Milenkovic in front of the Mitrovica municipal building.

TV Mreza, made up of TV Herc, TV Mir, TV Puls, TV Most and production NEW – PRESS urged the police and other relevant authorities in Kosovo to find and punish Milenkovic’s attackers as soon as possible. They also expressed concern over the fact that video surveillance cameras in front of the Mitrovica municipality were not working when Milenkovic was attacked.

„The silence of officials of the Provisional Authority of this local government, both regarding this attack and about Milenkovic’s claims that he is positive that the assailants were sent by someone from the North Mitrovica Municipality, is particularly worrying,“ they wrote in a statement.

Bearing in mind that the Municipality of North Mitrovica operates within the system of the Republic of Serbia, TV Mreza invited the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbia to investigate this case and to help in shedding light on it.

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