Special Forces pursued a car in N.Mitrovica, disturbing local residents


The Kosovo police pursued a car through North Mitrovica late last night after the driver refused to pull over. The same vehicle was then found empty on a road near a local cafe. The deputy commander of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Veton Elshani confirmed that after a brief stop on that street, the police retreated.

Elshani said that the police signaled the car to pull over, without specifying exactly where this occurred, which the driver allegedly ignored.

The police then started pursuing the car through the town, ending in Sutjeska Street – near a well-known local cafe.

He revealed that the police found the vehicle they were chasing, but not the driver.

„He or she, we don’t know who it was, probably ditched the car there and ran away,“ says Elshani.

The police searched the car, looking for IDs.

Elshani added that the special forces were then ordered to abandon their search and retreat.

Last night, just before midnight, a KoSSev reporter went to the scene, however, no members of either special or other police units were there at the time.

Sutjeska Street, like other streets in the town, was deserted last night – as has been the case for months now in the late evening.

However, two younger locals whom we encountered in Sutjeska Street, confirmed that the special forces stayed there for no more than 15 minutes.

In a statement for KoSSev, they testified that although the police did not conduct any search, other than dealing with the abandoned car, the whole event was scary and unpleasant.

Out of fear, they say, many customers soon left the nearby cafe.

Softer music could be heard coming from the café. Although it was open, the café was empty.

EULEX units were patrolling throughout the town.

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