Some positive and some difficult news: Six billion dinars for Kosovo Serbs, they refused the plan before having heard it

Aleksandar Vučić

What is going on with your plan for Kosovo and Metohija? Is there a plan and will the public ever learn about it? – a journalist from N1 TV asked the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic today.

President Vucic replied: „I unveiled my plan in Brussels, to the people from Pristina and to the people in Brussels. My ideas were met with no support. I have already said this more than once. To my disappointment, although they never heard what I meant, nor what kind of solutions these could be, it seems to me that there is not a negative voice from Serbia which I did not hear and I accept the voice of the people. There are some in the region who do not want to hear the voice of their people. I always want to hear it and I have no problems with that.“

A while later, while responding on a similar journalistic question, Vucic claimed, however, that he did not say that his plan was rejected by Brussels.

„I did not say that it was rejected by Brussels, but that it was rejected by some people there, and by the majority in Serbia. I said that I am very sorry that people in Serbia did not even want to hear what it is about, that many tried to use it for their political promotion – those who contributed most to the creation of an independent Kosovo,” Vucic said.

And as to what is President Vucic’s plan regarding Kosovo:

„It’s best that we all lose a lot in order to gain something because it can be the only winning formula. Everything else is a disaster for all of us. I did not move Serbia’s position even an inch because this position was a position of extreme compromise, a seriously rational and real position.“

50 million Euros for Kosovo Serbs

Srpska Lista and the Serbian government, along with the Serbian President, held a joint session today, after which Vucic held a press conference in which he announced that Serbia will invest more than 6 billion RSD in parts of Kosovo inhabited by Serbian citizens. According to Vucic, this money will be invested in plants in the north, the construction of a Clinical Center and Hospital in Gracanica, helping businesses in the north and south, the development of tourism, roads, water supply and the university.

The support for the project will be going through the Kosovo Office and partly through the Public Investment Management Office.

Read what the Serbian Prime Minister and Srpska Lista had to say in the following news:

The Serbian Government adopted three conclusions and approved 76 projects for Kosovo Serbs

Vucic also praised Srpska Lista for „bravely and honorably holding on in not so easy circumstances“.

Kosovo’s flag removed in Turkey at Vucic’s request, Thaci was also present

„I saw Thaci and Pacolli yesterday (in Turkey). We were 7 to 8 meters apart from each other, I asked that the flag of Kosovo was removed – which was done. Did we talk about anything? No. Will we talk? I hope that we will, that it must happen. Every conversation is better than any kind of conflict. Each conversation takes at least two people, we have nothing against that if three or more are included,“ Vucic stated.

Call on Kosovo Serbs not to participate in the formation of the Kosovo Army

The Serbian President further claimed that the Kosovo Army will be formed on Albanian Flag Day.

„I once again urge Serbs from KiM not to participate in it. I publicly and openly call on the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija not to participate in the formation of the Kosovo Army, because the only reason they are forming this army is to, one day, use these Serbs to shoot Serbs. I urge Serbs not to help them in this dirty work, in the dirty work of trampling over even their own constitution that does not mean anything to us and which we do not recognize, because they have found a roundabout formula to bring all of it forward. My call for Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija is not to participate in it, and, of course, whether there will be those among Serbs who will not accept this call not to participate – certainly there will. But I see that their number is getting smaller. Gratitude to the people, gratitude to the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija who understood this message from the state of Serbia,“ Vucic said.

The journalist of Prva TV and O2 TV, Filip Cukanovic, posed the question with what mechanisms is Serbia fighting against (the formation of) the Kosovo Army, given that, as the journalist said, „a briefcase of money is being given which is used to bribe these Serbs“.

„Yes, that is what they did“ – Vucic agreed with Cukanovic.

Vucic stressed that Serbia can fight the Kosovo Army with “words and appeals”, adding that, thanks to the words and appeals, the number of Serbs in the KSF has decreased. The President also provided Kusce as an example, where only one quarter out of the former 68 Serb members of KSF remained in this force.

Electricity network (Novi Pazar – the north of Kosovo) „plundered“

„We are facing a very difficult month when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija,” he expressed his concern, then emphasized that Serbia’s electricity network from Novi Pazar to the north of Kosovo is being “plundered“.

Vucic claimed that Albanians are being pushed to steal electricity from Serbia, which is then told that “it (Serbia) is unable to control itself”.

He did not provide any concrete details about this issue.



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