SL declared three days of mourning for the death of the suspected attackers on KP

Mitrovica šetalište

„September 26, 27, and 28 are declared as Days of mourning due to the death of our fellow citizens in a tragic event in Banjska, in the municipality of Zvecan,“ Srpska Lista announced this morning.

„In Serb areas on the territory of Kosovo: all entertainment events organized by local self-government bodies and institutions will be canceled, and the flags of the Republic of Serbia at all institutions will be lowered to half-mast,“ they said in a statement.

„On behalf of SL and the Serbian people from Kosovo, we express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery.“

According to the Law of the Republic of Serbia, the decision to declare a day of mourning is made by the Government of Serbia. The decision to declare a day of mourning in Kosovo is made by the President of Kosovo. In earlier situations, when it came to the majority Kosovo Serb communities, days of mourning were also declared by the Provisional Authority.

In the previous statement, which arrived almost 36 hours after the tragedy and the conflict itself, the party expressed their condolences, mentioning the murdered Kosovo policeman of Albanian ethnicity, as well as the Serb victims, whom the police described as the attackers.

Previously, the German ambassador called the party out for not reacting. „I wonder whether also Srpska Lista will stop its silence and join us all in our clear stance against this murderous attack on Kosovo Police?“ – he said on X.

The SL’s katedre statenebt comes after widespread mourning in the Kosovo Serb community over the young men whose deaths have been confirmed, and who are suspected to be part of a group of suspected attackers on the Kosovo Police.

They have already been hailed as heroes and new Obilics on social media, with users wondering why a day or three-day mourning had not been declared.

In the north of Kosovo, there is a general impression among the citizens that, although they are suspected attackers, the murdered men are their fellow citizens who were sacrificed and sent to their deaths. Special emphasis is also placed on the information that these young men did not serve in the military, and that they were unaware of what they were getting into.

Why did this happen, what did they want to do, and what was the goal – these are some of the questions the citizens have been asking themselves over the past couple of days.

All three men are Serbs from the North, and their origin was first announced by the Serbian president during and address on Sunday evening, more than 12 hours after the start of the conflict and the tragedy itself.

An invitation to citizens to come and light candles for „all fallen heroes in Banjska“ at the Knez Lazar monument today at 6 p.m. has been circulating on social networks since yesterday.

In an ambush on the bridge at the entrance to the village of Banjska on the night between Saturday and Sunday, Kosovo Police Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed, and three police officers were wounded.

Clashes lasting several hours moved to the village itself and the monastery complex, where an armed masked group broke the locked monastery gate, after having previously thrown out a group of about 50 pilgrims from Novi Sad from the outer lodgings, according to still unconfirmed information.

The number of victims has increased. So far, it has been confirmed that three suspected attackers were killed, and two more were arrested, one of whom was wounded. At the same time, four other people were arrested who are linked to this group. Two more wounded, who are suspected to be connected to the attack, sought medical assistance at the hospital in Novi Pazar.

The Serbian President previously emphasized that neither Belgrade nor the Serbs in Serbia proper had anything to do with the incident, at the same time accusing Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti of being the only one to blame.

A day of mourning was held in Kosovo yesterday for the slain sergeant Afrim Bunjaku, who was buried with honors and whose funeral in Samodreza was attended by almost the entire Kosovo leadership, politicians, as well as international diplomats.

Kosovo authorities have described the attackers as terrorists.

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