Serbs recognized Kosovo state by participation in elections

Based on CEC preliminary data, the winner of the local mayoral election in North Mitrovica yesterday was CI Srpska candidate Goran Rakic with 2,700 votes.
Soon after closing of polling stations, the two Serb candidates election HQs declared the CI Srpska victory.
Among first reactions to the winning of Goran Rakic, the DSS MP Marko Jaksic says to KoSSev web portal that these are "separatists elections of a self-proclaimed stated" where Serbs participate in.
"Serbs participation in the election means that Serbs have recognized the independent state of Kosovo. Therefore, it is a proof in itself that a Serb is a mayor in the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo, which is in contradiction to the Serbian Constitution. It is something that I find unacceptable for Serbs to do and be part of", Jaksic said.
Being asked whether he would still cooperate with Goran Rakic as a mayor, Jaksic recalled of their joint participation in the SNS-DSS coalition on Serbian elections in 2010. "I know Goran Rakic since he was a manager of the Public Utility Company "Standard". He came to the position based on Serbia’s laws. Let me remind you that in 2010 there were local elections launched by the Seerbian Assembly and where we participated, voted. Goran Rakic became the utility company manager as a SNS member, which was then in coalition with DSS. I have nothing to say, good or bad, about him personally. Meaning, a completely neutral position", Jaksic said.
His message to  the citizens a day after the election, Marko Jaksic emphasizes the matter of respect towards the Serbian Constitution. "These local elections launched by Pristina are in contradiction to our Constitution and Serbs should not engage into something harmful to the Constitution. Therefore, to agree to violation of the Constitution means that our Serbs literaly agree to separation of Kosovo from the state of Serbia, which I believe no one wants. What is important to note is that you cannot have Albanian elections, and Serbian state. The two cannot coexist", Jaksic concludes.



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