Serbia’s PM won’t apologise for saying Kosovo leaders „came out of the woods“

Upitnik Brnabić
Foto: RTS

Ana Brnabic, Serbia’s Prime Minister, told state RTS TV she wouldn’t apologise for describing Kosovo Albanian leaders as “people who came out of the woods,” since “I said the truth,“ the Beta news agency reported on Wednesday.

She explained the description was not meant to scorn the Albanian nation, but that she had “no respect for (Kosovo’s President) Hashim Thaci and (Kosovo’s Prime Minister) Ramush Haradinaj.”

Earlier, Brnabic said both wore a uniform during the 1989-1999 war in Kosovo and that they „simply came out of the woods.“

“I wish I would never have met Haradinaj. You know what awful crimes he is suspected of. But I must deal even with the devil for Serbia’s sake,” Brnabic said.

She added she was “angry” with the European Union and the US for “forcing her as a woman” to sit down with “people responsible for the worst things.”

Despite all this, Brnabic claims she has friends from the Albanian community and that she is proud of these friendships, adding that she is not misleading the Albanian people as she has „absolute respect“ for them.

Serbia will go to Paris if the meeting is organized by France

Asked whether there would be a meeting in July in Paris and whether she expects any progress, the Prime Minister replied:

„If that meeting is organized, if it is organized by our partners from France, as it was organized in Berlin, then yes, we will be there, because we are looking for every opportunity for dialogue. Every opportunity for a compromise.“

My biggest concern is the systemic campaign led against the Serbs in the north

Brnabic described the latest action of the Kosovo Police in the north of Kosovo as an example of “cruelty and arrogance,” repeating this several times. According to her, the EU’s reaction to the police action is “weak” or “non-existent” – which was their same reaction, in her words, to increasingly frequent calls for the unification of Kosovo and Albania.

„By criminalizing the Serbs in the north of Kosovo, by minimizing all provocations that are happening, by removing responsibility from Pristina due to, unfortunately, actions of our people, but also due to the actions of the international community who say that everything was arranged in advance, agreed in advance, planned – you are actually completely removing the responsibility from Pristina,” she warned.

“By minimizing these attacks and criminalizing the Serbs, and by saying that it was all arranged, you are creating a vast space for Pristina to do whatever it wants to do. It was planned, nicely executed. And I am only sorry that some politicians from Serbia participate in this both intentionally and unintentionally,“ the Prime Minister concluded.



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