Radoicic’s future defense attorney: Serbian investigation exclusively indicates Radoicic’s innocence

Živojin Jokanović
Foto: RTV Kim

„What has been done in Serbia so far points exclusively to Milan Radoicic’s innocence and his complete lack of involvement in any of it,“ Zivojin Jokanovic said, „the future defense attorney“ of Milan Radoicic, „if he is brought to justice,“ as he himself had said in the talk-show Dogovor! on RTV Kim.

„He (Radoicic) was investigated, his movements, behavior,“ Jokanovic stated.

Criminal and political groups had no reason to kill Oliver

Jokanovic rejected the possibility of involvement, whether Radoicic’s or the involvement of the state of Serbia itself in the murder of Ivanovic and explained that Serbia had no reason to „remove“ Ivanovic.

„If it is political influence, it is a minor one… he was influential for Mitrovica, at the level of Serbia, he did not represent, except as a human being, he did not represent any danger to any political party,“ he added.

He further claimed that „Oliver did not enter the world of crime, in which many officials are mentioned“ and concluded that “neither a criminal nor a political group” had any reason to order the assassination of Ivanovic.

Some kind  role for Radoicic in the local government

In contrast to Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, Jokanovic pointed out that Ivanovic and Radoicic did not have „conflicts nor a friendship“, while Radoicic, according to him, had a role in „local government“, to which he was entitled.

„Milan Radoicic coincidentally played a role in the Mitrovica production, local government, he is affirming himself in the party, and so on. That’s his right,“ Jokanovic stressed.

Jokanovic, however, appeared as the guest on the Dogovor! talk-show to talk about the initiative of the Movement Self-Determination to introduce the possibility of a trial in absentia into the Criminal Code of Kosovo. He shared the exclusive information that he was hired to be Radoicic’s defense attorney and that he has the power of attorney if Radoicic „comes under attack, persecution“ after the talk-show host asked him whether there was a possibility that Serbia would extradite Radoicic because the judicial authorities of Serbia and Kosovo are not cooperating.

You can watch Zivojin Jokanovic’s guest appearance in the Dogovor! talk-show below.




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