Pristina and Mitrovica welcome first babies of 2021 – both girls

A baby girl is the first baby born in Kosovo in 2021. She came into the world only a minute after midnight, Pristina-based Koha reported.

The baby was born in the Clinical Center in Pristina. The baby’s mother is a health worker from Urosevac.

The baby girl, born weighing 3.4 kg, was delivered by Caesarean section. She is currently in intensive care.

The first baby born in the North Mitrovica maternity ward in 2021 is also a girl, born weighing 3.4 kg, the same as the baby from the Pristina. She came into the world, however, about 12 hours later, while her mother is from the village of Straza near Gnjilane/Gjilan.



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