Pantovic: If you want to talk about increasing security, invest in the run-down police station in ZP – not in new barracks


The Kosovo special police bases which are being built on part of the expropriated land in the north will obviously become barracks very soon, lawyer Ljubomir Pantovic warned today.

More than 138 hectares of land were expropriated in the last six months in Leposavic and Zubin Potok. The Kosovo government justified its decisions in one brief announcement: The expropriations were carried out due to „infrastructural projects of public importance.“ The decision was met by protests from locals residents, who expressed their dissatisfaction and concern. It was only after the EU reacted, objecting to the procedure, that the Kosovo authorities decided to schedule two public discussions on the issue.

Even after the second discussion, which was held today in Zubin Potok, ended, questions from locals, civil representatives and lawyers as to „what is being built“ remained unanswered. The representatives of the Expropriation Department from Pristina kept reiterating the messages on „road construction,“ laying „optical cables,“ „economic development“ and „increasing security“.

After the director of the Expropriation Department, Afrim Murati, remarked that they want to increase security, one of the legal representatives of the affected residents of Ibarski Kolasin presented a proposal to invest in the reconstruction of the run-down police station in Zubin Potok.

„Dear citizens, Mr. Murati does not want to fulfill the obligation he has toward you. What is the goal of this expropriation? What are you going to build and why hold a public discussion when it is not the right time? Because you have already built those facilities, or they are in the final stage of construction,“ said lawyer Ljubomir Pantovic.

Point out that Murati himself mentioned the aspect of security today, Pantovic proposed that funds should be invested in the urgent reconstruction of the police station in Zubin Potok, considering its run-down condition.

„I know that it is a the Kosovo government has a project to integrate the north into Kosovo, as has been pointed out many times by Kosovo officials. But when you mention the security aspect, here you go, after this session, go to the Zubin Potok police station to see for yourself that it is a private house in very poor state that does not even meet the basic requirements to be a police station. It is run-down! Please, since we are talking about security, invest money in that facility, or let us build a new police station in Zubin Potok that will be up-to-standard.“

Instead, Pantovic warned that „something that will evidently very soon become a barracks, a military base“ is being built.

„So, you didn’t say, but I’m going to say, the goal of expropriation is neither economic development, nor increasing security, nor preserving the personal and property security of citizens. The goal is what I mentioned a little while ago: the integration of the north into Kosovo, in a very, I must say, inappropriate way,“ emphasized this lawyer.

During his short address, Pantovic kept calling on Murati to give a precise and concrete answer to the long-running question: What is the Kosovo government building on the expropriated land?

I call on you, Mr. Murati, to give an answer to the people to these two questions that are constantly being asked

Representatives of the Expropriation Department, on the other hand, rebuffed all of today’s objections and accusations. They referred to the Law on Expropriation, which they read out loud at the very beginning of the discussion.

The director of the Department also said that he visited parts of Leposavic and Zubin Potok, after which he deduced that there is a lack of economic development, as well as necessary road infrastructure.

When the representatives of the government stated that roads would be built to connect Zubin Potok with the villages in the municipality, the lawyers pointed out that this is not in line with the law, because the government is not the one responsible for local roads within a municipality, but the municipality itself. On the other hand, representatives of the Kosovo government said that they received requests for the construction of road infrastructure from both the residents of Leposavic and Zubin Potok.

As far as economic development is concerned, today’s guests from Pristina only revealed that projects are in development, without specifying which ones, but in order to implement them, security levels must be increased.

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