OSCE on the 6 months following Oliver Ivanović’s assassination: The culprits at large, this case is a major test for the rule of law in Kosovo

Today is exactly half a year since the most prominent Kosovo Serbian leader since 1999 – Oliver Ivanovic was assassinated. The public as well as the family still have not been provided with information on the current whereabouts of the two investigations – in Pristina and Belgrade.

This has been also noted by the OSCE in Kosovo.

Six months after Oliver Ivanović’s assassination, the culprits remain at large and little is publicly known regarding any possible progress in the investigation, reads their media announcement.

They positively assessed a recent meeting between the police investigators from Pristina and Belgrade, as well as their other exchanges.

Ambassador of Switzerland, Jean-Hubert Lebet also reacted on the occasion of the six month commemoration of „the assassination“ of Oliver Ivanovic.

„We don’t know where the investigation is going. This is especially hard for his family, who wants justice to be satisfied, but it is also very hard for all people living in Kosovo who think independently. This sends an appalling but clear message that people who act and speak independently can be silenced and that perpetrators can count on impunity. Police and justice hopelessness in Kosovo is reinforced by the silence of Belgrade who launched an investigation on this case without any result as of today,“ said the Ambassador.

„We encourage the law enforcement community and all interested parties to do their utmost to shed light on this matter. As we stated on the day of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder, this case is a major test for the rule of law in Kosovo and it remains so today,“ emphasized this mission.

A group of friends, family and members to Oliver Ivanovic’s party GI SDP marked the six month memorial in front of their premises, at the very place of the Oliver Ivanovic assassination.

Who killed Oliver Ivanovic? – they posed the question again today and claimed they will ask it as long as it takes to get them an answer.

Oliver Ivanovic’s brother, Miroslav Ivanovic, spoke about the silence in investigation, as did Serbian minister Rasim Ljajic, who was also a friend of Oliver Ivanovic. KoSSev talked to them on Saturday, at the New Cemetary in Belgrade, where Oliver Ivanovic was buried in the Alley of Meritorious Citizens.


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