New CEC members appointed, Nenad Rikalo re-elected as member

Haši Tači sa članovima CIK-a (Foto ZPRK)
Haši Tači sa članovima CIK-a (Foto ZPRK)

Nenad Rikalo from the ranks of Srpska Lista was re-elected as a member of the Central Election Commission, the office of Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci confirmed in a statement. Last year, the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office issued an indictment against Rikalo for the crime of abuse of office and authority.

New members of the Central Election Commission, proposed by parliamentary groups and political parties in the Assembly of Kosovo, swore an oath before Hashim Thaci today.

The newly appointed CEC members, in addition to Nenad Rikalo from the ranks of Srpska Lista, include Sami Kurteshi and Alim Rama from the Self-determination movement, Sami Hamiti from the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo, Arianit Elshani of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ibrahim Selmanaj from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Eshref Vishi from NISMA-AKR-PD, Cemailj Kurtisi from the VAKAT coalition, Artan Asllani of PAI and Rifat Krasniqi from the KDTP.

Nenad Rikalo was appointed Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in March of last year. At the beginning of February last year, the former Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj dismissed Rikalo from the post of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in the Kosovo government. The Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment against Rikalo for the crime of „abuse of office or authority“ late in December last year, Pristina based media reported.

Kosovo media have also published several articles on the alleged unlawful conduct by this Srpska Lista official. Rikalo himself denied all allegations, as did Srpska Lista.

Nenad Rikalo was appointed a member of the CEC in Pristina, after which he took over a ministerial post in the Kosovo government.

One of the promises the LVV and LDK parties made before the new Kosovo government was formed was that indicted individuals would not be part of their government. They also repeatedly underlined that they would fight corruption. The Central Election Commission is not part of the Kosovo government. CEC members are nominated by parliamentary parties and sworn in before the Kosovo president.



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