„Negative campaign“ and „special war“ against Srpska Lista officials

Foto: (KoSSev) Igor Simić, Goran Rakić i Milan Radojčić

Pristina’s Special Prosecutor’s Office announced yesterday that an indictment was filed against former Minister of Administration and Local Government, Ivan Todosijevic over his statement on the Racak case. The same Prosecutor’s Office confirmed for the Kosovo media later in the day that it issued an international warrant. The Kosovo Office assessed these events as a „negative campaign“ led against officials of Srpska Lista and a „special war“ by Pristina. Srpska Lista also reacted, accusing the representatives of the Kosovo Albanians of “persecuting the Serbian people.“

„The order for the arrest of Milan Radoicic and the indictment against Ivan Todosijevic are a message to the Serbs that their resistance is futile, since even the local Serbian political leaders cannot escape Pristina’s willfulness,“ the Kosovo Office (Belgrade) underlined.

Srpska Lista stated that Pristina is not a member of INTERPOL, which is why warrants are issued by UNMIK on Pristina’s behalf. UNMIK, on the other hand, needs evidence to issue a warrant. According to Srpska Lista, there is no evidence in this case.

A year and a half after the killing of the leader of the Civic Initiative, Oliver Ivanovic, the Kosovo Prosecutor issued an international arrest warrant for Milan Radoicic, vice-president of Srpska Lista, who is suspected of participating in the murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic.

Special prosecutor Syle Hoxha confirmed the news for Koha TV yesterday evening, and today for Insider.

Hoxha told Insider that Radoicic was suspected of helping and organizing the Ivanovic assassination group.

Radoicic is also suspected of organized crime and other serious crimes, KTV reports.

In a brief conversation with KoSSev last night, Sprska Lista official Milan Radoicic said he did not know if an international arrest warrant had been initiated. He told us to ask the prosecutor, and had no comment. Also Milan Radoicic’s lawyer Zivojin Jokanovic told KoSSev briefly he did not know anything about it.

„By issuing an unfounded warrant, without any evidence, for the arrest of the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, the Pristina regime wants to achieve two goals. The primary goal is the intimidation of all the free-thinking Serbs who won’t sit idly by as Albanian boots tramples over innocent people, such as the Vice-President Radoicic. On the other hand, they are trying to draw the attention of their own public from the more than 30 KLA members questioned before the Special Court on crimes against the Serb and non-Albanian population,“ Srpska Lista wrote in a statement.

The Kosovo Office also assessed that the Pristina judiciary is “instrumentalized” and referred to them as „weapons in the hands of the project of full Albanian domination in self-proclaimed Kosovo.“

Furthermore, they sent a message to the Serbs that „they should know that Serbia is a guarantor of their security and dignity and that it will unquestionably resist the efforts to establish Pristina’s domination and reign of terror in the Serb-majority communities in Kosovo and Metohija.“

Srpska Lista did not have a message of encouragement for the citizens, nor did this party inform them about the steps they are taking regarding this newly created situation. The largest Kosovo Serb party, however, has a message for Pristina:

“This hard nut is fruit that, giveth wonder: Thou crack’st it not, except thou break thy teeth.”



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