Mustafa announces sanctions against Osmani; accuses Kurti of wanting the MIA to create files on opponents

Osmani Kurti
Foto: Bota Sot

LDK leader, Isa Mustafa announced during a guest appearance on the „Debate“ talk-show on RTK that Vjosa Osmani would bear the consequences for her “aggressive attitude towards LDK” – a party Osmani is a member of and which voted her in as the assembly chairwoman. Regardless of this statement, it is unlikely that Osmani will leave the LDK or that the party presidency will decide to remove her from the party, Vice-President of the Council for Inclusive Action, Shpetim Gashi said.

The president of the Kosovo Assembly and member of the LDK presidency, Vjosa Osmani is the party’s most popular member among voters. For several election cycles, Osmani has been the LDK candidate with the largest number of votes, but this popularity among voters does not reflect on her power within the party, Gashi told KoSSev.

Gashi also said that he does not believe Osmani will leave the LDK, adding that he expects her to wait for an opportunity to run for party president.

„The old guard within the LDK would like her to resign. However, they will not push her out on their own because that would have an adverse effect on the votes in the next election cycle. On the other hand, Osmani will not resign either. Her goal now is to take over the party and she will wait for the right moment to do so,“ he explained.

Since the beginning of the last election cycle, Osmani has had a series of disagreements with the LDK leadership – primarily with their stance on cooperation with Kurti. On several occasions, she spoke favorably about the need to create a pre-election coalition, and then a post-election coalition with the LVV. Osmani also directly opposed the party’s position when she refused to vote for the party’s proposal for a no confidence motion against Albin Kurti’s government. She announced that she would not vote for the new government that the LDK was supposed to propose on May 2nd. According to Osmani, that move, like Hashim Thaci’s previous move to give the mandate to create a new government without an election to her party colleague, Avdullah Hoti, is unconstitutional.

Because of these moves, Osmani has already been marginalized in the party, Gashi underlined.

„From the moment she voted against the LDK’s proposal to vote on a no confidence motion against the government of Albin Kurti on March 25th, Osmani’s status in the LDK has been undefined. Since then, she has been excluded from the presidency meetings and she did not participate in the negotiations on the new LDK coalition with other parties,“ he revealed.

LDK leader, Isa Mustafa announced that Osmani will be sanctioned in accordance with the party’s statute.

Kurti would like to use the MIA to „create files on his opponents“

Mustafa also spoke about his former coalition partner, Albin Kurti. After three months of negotiations on the post-election coalition, the government of LDK and LVV, formed on March 25th, was toppled – at the suggestion of LDK – a little more than 50 days later.

One of the main points of contention during the coalition negotiations was the request of the LDK for the LVV to support a candidate of this party for the position of the president of Kosovo at the beginning of 2021 – Isa Mustafa. The LDK party would thus also be in control of the Ministry of Interior.

No agreement was reached on the matter, but the LDK did get control of the MIA. Mustafa revealed on Tuesday that the ministry was important to him precisely because of „Kurti’s aggressive attitude“.

„I knew that Kurti’s violent character would not change. If he took over the MIA, people would be arrested based on political decisions. He would create files for his political opponents and there would be lynchings,“ he said, RTK reports.

One of the reasons why the LDK decided to propose a no confidence motion against Kurti’s government was Kurti’s dismissal of the Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs and a high ranking official of the LDK, Agim Veliu.

On the other hand, Kurti also presented accusations against the LDK, regarding the political abuse of the MIA’s authority in order to cause political instability.

In an interview for Jeta Xharra’s famous show „Life in Kosovo“, Kurti revealed that he canceled new special units operations in Zubin Potok and Karacevo – located between Kosovo and central Serbia, which is not monitored by the Kosovo Police but KFOR. According to Kurti, the operations were requested by Agim Veliu and the current LDK candidate for prime minister and the former deputy prime minister, Avdullah Hoti.

„On two occasions, the former Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti asked for my consent for police actions against crime and corruption. They said that they were well prepared. I asked them where the action would take place. They told me that one would take place in Zubin Potok and another in Karacevo – part of the territory for which, based on the Kumanovo Agreement, it may not be clear whether it is in Kosovo or Serbia, but we know that is part of Kosovo. Then I asked for some analysis on why these operations would be successful because we do not have good experience in interventions in these areas. And when I asked for it in writing as evidence, it was never delivered to me, so I was forced to say that…“ said Kurti, Kallxo reported.

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