Milan Radoicic’s defamation lawsuit against Rada Trajkovic rejected

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FOTO: Telegraf, N1

Milan Radoicic’s defamation lawsuit against Rada Trajkovic has been rejected, the lawyer of the leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo Rada Trajkovic, Vladimir Gajic, just announced the news on Twitter.

According to the verdict Gajic published on Twitter, Radoicic’s defamation lawsuit was rejected as unfounded.

In addition to not having to pay the 5 million dinars compensation that Radoicic had requested, Rada Trajkovic is set to receive, within 15 days of receiving the judgment, 325,350 dinars in court costs from Radoicic.

„Justice will be served the moment Radoicic is brought before the court to prove his innocence regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic,“ Rada Trajkovic said in a statement for KoSSev.

„I get no satisfaction out of this, but I want to believe that it is an introduction or a start before what we all expect – because the most important thing is that he proves his innocence before the court in Pristina,“ Trajkovic emphasized.

In August 2019, Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic filed a defamation lawsuit with the Higher Court in Belgrade against the leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic.

Radoicic filed a lawsuit against Trajkovic and demanded compensation in the amount of 5 million dinars because Trajkovic shared her suspicions with the public on Radoicic’s reported involvement in Ivanovic’s murder and his role as the leader of the mafia in the north of Kosovo.



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