Kurti wading into the election campaign, urges Albanians in Serbia to mobilize and vote for Kamberi

FOTO: Kabinet kosovskog premijera

Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, encouraged Albanians in Serbia to support one of two ethnic-Albanian parties in the fast-approaching local and parliamentary elections: „The struggle of Albanians continues – Shaip Kamberi“.

Kurti held a rally with representatives of that party and its supporters from south Serbia in a crowded hall in Pristina last night, during which he urged them to vote for Kamberi on Sunday, as part of the fight against the „authoritarian and anti-Albanian regime in Serbia“.

„We are only a few days away from the important election date of December 17. It’s time to mobilize, show determination and courage in the battle that belongs to you, but it belongs to all of us to help, provide help, support, and solidarity. It is time for the authoritarian regime in Belgrade, however nationalist and anti-Albanian, chauvinist and authoritarian, which discriminates and oppresses minority communities, to face a strong opposition that shows that the Albanians do not obey and that they are winning,“ Kurti said at the rally.

He went on to say that: „They have all the support needed to oppose the authoritarian and anti-Albanian regime of Vučić in Serbia, in the defense and promotion of the rights and freedoms of our Albanian community living there.“

Shortly after coming to power, Kurti actively participated in campaigning ahead of elections in Albania through the Self-Determination party.

In addition to being an authoritarian regim, we also refer to it as anti-Albanian, because your life, your experience, and even the numbers testify and prove it, he said.

Speaking in detail about what he describes as discrimination against Albanians in three municipalities in south Serbia.

As an example, he cited the fact that there are no ethnic Albanian members of staff in the inspection department in these municipalities, with the exception of one employee in Bujanovac.

He also highlighted the lack of Albanians in judicial institutions, prosecution, customs, police management, fire department, and hospitals, claiming that this shows that this community is „targeted.“

„All this is proof that this is a targeted community. Targeted by the government and the state.“

He went even a step further and described what is happening in this part of Serbia as “a continuous effort of administrative and institutional ethnic cleansing.”

The Kosovo PM then listed “elements of attacks by the state” on Albanians in Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac:

“Not allowing the use of the national flag in the Valley, such a violation cannot be found in any minority community in the region or in the world; the absence of Albanians in state institutions in Serbia; lack of access to justice, security, economy; non-acceptance of diplomas from Kosovo universities; not allowing school textbooks from Kosovo.”

All of this constitutes a violation of the basic rights to expression, identity, language, tradition and culture, all with the aim of de-populating these three municipalities.

He revealed that he proposed an agreement with Serbia for citizens, including Kosovo Serbs, to vote in Serbian elections on the premises of the EU building in Pristina, located between the Assembly and the Government.

However, this agreement was not reached, leaving them with the option of voting by bus or car, he added.

“I encourage you all since you didn’t have a chance to vote in Pristina, go on Sunday to vote for number 13 – Shaip Kamberi,” Kurti underlined.

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