Kurti receives support to form a new government

raje i aljbin
FOTO: FB, ALjbin Kurti

The leader of the Self-Determination Movement (LVV), Albin Kurti announced via Facebook that he secured the majority for the formation of a new government despite the ballot recount.

„Chairmen of three non-majority communities, as well as future MPs, Rasim Demiri, Fikrim Damka, and Alber Kinolli will vote for our government and me as the Prime Minister, without any conditions,“ Kurti announced from Prizren.

After the votes from Serbia were declared void, the Self-Determination and the LDK parties needed four more MPs to form a government without a third party. Last week, an MP of the Egyptian Party, Elbert Krasniqi also joined the LVV parliamentary group.

With the support of these three new MPs, the Self-Determination party secured 61 votes to form a new government.

Earlier today, the recount of ballots from 1,407 polling stations was completed in Kosovo Polje.

The final results will be announced after the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP) and the Supreme Court confirm that no appeals are under consideration – CEC spokesperson, Valmir Elezi said.

In the meantime, the ECAP also rejected the Self-Determination party’s request for a recount of 392 envelopes containing diaspora votes which arrived at the CEC on November 12th, according to Kosovo media reports.



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