Lawyer: KSF member suspected of wounding Serb youth charged with causing general danger and not aggravated attempted murder

FOTO: Printscreen/ TV Herc

The first hearing related to the incident in Gotovusa on Christmas Day when two Serb youths were wounded was held on March 9th. According to the legal representative of S. S. (11), Milos Delevic, the accused A. K. is charged with „causing general danger“ and „possession of a firearm.“ „Not attempted murder, which we all expected,“ Delevic said in a statement for the KoSSev portal.

A young boy S.S. (11) and a young man M.S. (21) of Serbian ethnicity were wounded on Christmas Day in the village of Gotovusa near Strpce when they were shot at from a passing car.

Immediately after the incident, a thirty-three-year-old Kosovo man, A.K. a member of the KSF, was detained.

The custody request of the Basic Prosecutor’s Office states that A. K. was suspected of „aggravated attempted murder“ in addition to causing general danger and use of a dangerous weapon.

The first hearing in connection with this case was held on March 9th. According to lawyer Milos Delevic, the indictment, as well as the case files, were written in the Albanian language. The lawyer then demanded that the hearing be postponed until the documents were translated into Serbian.

Although A.K. was initially also suspected of „attempted murder“, Delevic said that based on what the judge and the record said, the indictment charges A.K. with „causing general danger“ and „use of firearms.“

„No attempted murder, which we had all expected,“ Delevic said in his statement to KoSSev this evening.

When asked how common it is that a serious criminal offense is included in the request for detention, but not in the indictment, Delevic says – „there is a first time for everything“.

„It is unbelievable that two people, children particularly, were wounded, and that this is the policy. The whole public, even average people, are appalled,“ Delevic underlined, recalling the avalanche of reactions that followed after the boys were wounded.

Delevic told KoSSev that he demanded from the chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in Urosevac to evaluate the work of the prosecutor in this case and the prosecutor’s council. He also called on EULEX to monitor this case, because of the „too mild“ indictment.

„I will insist that the qualification be changed and that he be charged with aggravated attempted murder because the case involves a minor,“ said Delevic.

The next hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 16.

Earlier today, the KoSSev portal reached out to the Basic Prosecutor’s Office for confirmation that A.K. is charged with causing general danger, along with more details reagrding the case. However, as of the time that this story went to press, no response was forthcoming.

Also, there have been no reports in the Kosovo media so far on whether an indictment has been prepared against A.K.

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