KSF Day celebrated in Kosovo with the symbols of „Greater Albania“

Obeležje Velike Albanije
FOTO: Kallxo

The Day of the Force or the Day of Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) was celebrated yesterday in Kosovo. As announced, all of KSF barracks was open to the public – in South Mitrovica, Gnjilane, Prizren, Urosevac, Kosovo Polje, Istok, and Pristina.

In addition to a large number of residents who, as the media reported, visited the „Adem Jashari“ barracks in Pristina (the pre-war „Marshal Tito“ barracks, where the 15th Armored Brigade of the JNA was stationed, later renamed the „Kosovo Heroes“ army barracks FRY), Vjosa Osmani and Albin Kurti, Kosovo president and prime minister, also visited these barracks.

The KSF officials were also present.

What particularly stood out at this year’s celebration were the symbols of „Greater Albania“ that some members of the KSF wore on their uniforms, and some were displayed on weapons, as per the photographs taken by Kallxo.

„We are proud of you“ – reads the inscription on the symbols.

Also, in some places, posters dedicated to „UCK“ and „Adem Jashari“ were displayed, along with the words:

„Once KLA now KSF“, „We will not surrender, living killers will only walk over my dead body“.

Kurti: KSF heirs of the KLA

The Prime Minister also attended the presentation of KSF equipment yesterday.

Kurti said from this barracks that „the Kosovo security forces are the forces of unity and pride, but also the heirs of the Kosovo Liberation Army.“

„It is clear to us that the KSF is the successor of the KLA and tomorrow we have November 28 (cf. Flag Day of Albania), which we mark in memory of the trinity – the red flag with the double-headed eagle of Skenderbeg in Kruja, Ismail Kemali in Vljora and Adem Jashari in Prekaz,“ Kurti added, reports GazetaExpress.

Kurti said that this day is for him a „day of joy“, but also a day when citizens should remember all those who „made a sacrifice“ and show optimism for the future:
„When we know how safe we are with our army“.

Dan snage / KBS
FOTO: Preuzeto sa EkonomiaOnline

He boasted about investments in the Ministry of Defense.

Osmani: A lot of blood was shed for Kosovo to have its own army

„Today is the day of KSF and it is a day of pride for every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo. It is a day when we remember with great pride the extremely great sacrifice of our people, our Liberation Army, to have this day. A lot of blood has been shed for Kosovo to have its own army, that’s why I am convinced that every soldier wears this uniform with great pride and is ready to give his life for his homeland, if necessary,“ said the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, GazetaExpress reports. .

She emphasized that, together with the Kosovo Prime Minister and the leadership of the KSF, she is „dedicated to the well-being of the soldiers“:

„To their additional training and education so that our army can reach greater heights“.

Dan snage / KBS
FOTO: Preuzeto sa EkonomiaOnline

According to her, KSF is ready to join NATO’s allied armies, that they contribute to peace in the region and beyond by serving together with the American, British and other allied armies in various countries in peacekeeping missions.

„In this way, they prove that they are already ready to join other allied armies in the most powerful Alliance in the history of mankind – NATO,“ she said yesterday.

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