„When the Kosovo Cadastral Agency changes your identity, gender and origin“

Građani pišu

A resident of Zvecan Dragiša Đoković reached out to KoSSev regarding what he described as irregularities and legal violations in the Kosovo Cadastral Agency’s work that he encountered after receiving a title deed from that institution earlier this month. Đoković discovered that his last name is not Đoković, but Djokoviq, that his name is Dragisha, that he is actually a she, and that his father’s name is Miletnije. He also learned that the plot of land he registered is no longer in Izvore, but in the cadastral zone Burim (the Albanian term for the Serbian word Izvor), which he describes as the biggest problem in all of this. Đoković reached out to the Office of the Language Commissioner for help.

We publish his letter in its entirety:

Office of the Language Commissioner, Subject: Complaint against the work of the Cadastral Agency of Kosovo

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to bring to your attention irregularities and legal violations (or as is popular to say around here – criminal activities) of the Cadastral Agency. In the following text, I will try to explain it to you, and please find attached the documents that confirm it.

First of all, my name is Dragiša Đoković (in Latin alphabet, which, like Cyrillic, is recognized by every computer – Dragiša Đoković), not Dragisha Djokoviq, as the title deed I received on February 1, 2024, says.

The title deed also notes my gender, and there is a mistake because it says it is „female“, and I hope I don’t have to prove that I’m not female.

My father’s name is misspelled, instead of Milentije, it says Miletnije.

FOTO: Đoković Dragiša

In the end, we come to the biggest problem and crime, where you will see for yourself the changes in toponyms, which is not allowed anywhere in the world.

Namely, according to the former cadastre, it was called cadastral municipality, here it states that it is a cadastral zone. And that zone is called Izvori (in some places Izvore), which is clearly visible on the „Geoportal Kosova“ portal, but it cannot possibly be „Burim“, as it is noted in my title deed.

My ancestors still remember the time of Turkish rule, and I remember it a little less, and the village always had a Serbian toponym, that is, a Serbian name.

So, to repeat, the criminal act (you judge whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony) by the cadastral agency is the change of the name of the village and the Albanianization of purely Serbian areas and the need to deal with politics, instead of their job.

I would like to mention that the cadastral books owned by Serbia were returned to Kosovo and that no Burim was mentioned in them. The question is why they requested them, if they do not adhere to these books and do not operate according to them.

I hope that in accordance with your legal capabilities and powers, you will force the Agency to correct these illegalities, and that those responsible will face the Law.

Unfortunately, I believe that this is not the only or isolated case, and therefore it would be good to check the work of that service in detail regarding the legality and use of language and alphabets and respect for all citizens.

I am confident that there will be no problems over the fact that I wrote this letter in my native language and in the script that belongs to it (the letter was originally written in Cyrillic).

I thank you for your understanding and I expect your action and an adequate response so that we can continue to remain Izvori locals – not Burim.

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