Kosovo Office: Serbian flag removed from a monument in Priluzje, KP: It was taken down from the municipal building

FOTO: Kancelarija za KiM

„A group of Albanian youths pulled the Serbian flag from the monument to fallen fighters in the Serb village of Priluzje and set it on fire,“ the Kosovo Office announced yesterday. The Kosovo police, on the other hand, confirmed today that the flag was removed, citing however that it was taken down from the municipal building in Priluzje.

The theft allegedly took place during a blackout in the village caused by a severe storm, the Kosovo Office said on Sunday.

„They marched into the settlement at approximately 4 pm, approached the monument decorated with the Serbian flag, broke the chain, and stole the flag, which they then set on fire in the street leading to the Albanian part of the village,“ the Office alleged, noting that the group was belting out Albanian songs during the theft, citing this as the reason why they were spotted by the locals.

According to the Kosovo Office, the case was reported to the police, and an investigation was carried out.

On the same day, the Kosovo Office harshly condemned this „act of vandalism,“ claiming that it was „another form of pressure and provocation against Serbs in this Serb-majority area, aimed at disturbing them and expelling them from their homes.“

„This act of vandalism by Albanian troublemakers shows that the Albanian society has not an ounce of respect for the values ​​of the Serb people,“ the Office said, emphasizing that „Albanian representatives are thus tearing down all bridges of reconciliation.“

KP: Flag removal reported, but a flag from the municipal building

The Kosovo Police confirmed for KoSSev today that the flag’s removal was reported to the police yesterday, noting that the flag in question was actually taken down from the municipal building.

An official of the Information and Public Relations Office of the Regional Police Administration in South Mitrovica, Ilmi Prekazi, said in a statement that the suspects, including their ethnicity or identity, remain unknown.

While confirming that the report filed with the police states that the incident was allegedly caused by young boys ages 14-15, Prekazi himself could not confirm this information.

Also, the police do not have any information on whether the fence around the monument was damaged. They only emphasized that the flag was removed from the municipal building and that the investigation is ongoing.

FOTO: Kancelarija za KiM

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