Kosovo Customs: RTS crew held up at the border because of an entry permit and then allowed to enter Kosovo

A large group of RTS crew members travelling to North Mitrovica were held up at the Jarinje border crossing today, RTS reported earlier. Kosovo Police and Customs both claimed they are „not responsible.“ The Kosovo Customs spokesperson, Adriatik Stavileci, however, told KoSSev that the RTS crew was allowed to enter Kosovo after the Kosovo Foreign Ministry issued an entry permit.

In the meantime, the Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) and its Kosovo branch strongly condemned the delay of the RTS crew at the border and „the prevention of the planned concert in North Mitrovica“.

„The UNS and the UNS in Kosovo emphasize that it is unacceptable to restrict the freedom of movement, especially the freedom of movement of journalists and media personnel, and demand that the Kosovo authorities promptly allow the RTS team to continue the path to Kosovska Mitrovica,“ the UNS and UNS in Kosovo wrote in a statement.

„Kosovo authorities are not allowing the RTS team to enter (Kosovo) despite the duly submitted paperwork. A convoy with equipment has been waiting at Jarinje for 20 hours,“ RTS reported earlier in the day.

A Kosovo Police spokesman, Daut Hoxha told KoSSev that the police did not impose an entry ban and that we should contact Kosovo Customs.

Kosovo Customs spokesperson, Adriatik Stavileci, however, claimed that Customs are not responsible for the RTS team being held up, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to issue a permit for their entry.

„It was necessary that they are issued an entry permit, but the ministry gave them a permit, so everything is fine now. The problem was not with the Customs,“ Stavileci emphasized.

ekipa RTS
ekipa RTS



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