KFOR: We aren’t an antiterrorist force, but will intervene if there are warnings

Pio Sabeta Kfor

Pio Sabetta, from the NATO-led KFOR force in Kosovo said FOR was not an antiterrorist force, but that it would react if warned about such threats, the Beta news agency reported.

He commented on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s statement that a terrorist attacks would be possible during Kosovo elections in September, adding the Albanian terrorist organisation “B-13” could be responsible for potential unrest.

In a statement to the independent Danas daily, Sabetta said that under the UN Resolution 1244 which described their mandate, fighting against terrorism was not their duty.

He added that the security situation depended on many factors, like the economy and politics. “We follow everything that could affect the security situation on a daily basis to determine what measures might be needed.”




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