Hoxha: Rosic and Spasojevic’s custody extended for another two months

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Foto: N1

The custody of Nedeljko Spasojevic and Marko Rosic, suspected of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, has been extended by another two months, the special Kosovo prosecutor, Syle Hoxha, confirmed for KoSSev. Spasojevic and Rosic were arrested on November 23rd of last year.

The prosecutor in charge of Ivanovic’s murder case, Syle Hoxha, recently confirmed for KoSSev that he submitted a request to the court to extend the custody of two Serbs from North Mitrovica who were arrested in November on suspicion of involvement in Ivanovic’s murder.

Hoxha stated today that their custody was extended by another two months.

According to the Kosovo regulations, a suspect may spend up to 12 months in detention, even though the indictment has not been filed. Lawyer Ljubomir Pantovic confirmed for KoSSev that this deadline could be extended to 18 months at the request of the prosecutor – particularly in complicated cases. If the indictment is not issued after the expiration of this deadline the suspect is released, on the other hand, there are no legal restrictions if an indictment is filed, explained Pantovic.

The investigation was recently extended to two more people, as the prosecutor in charge of Ivanovic’s murder confirmed. KRIK reported that Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Mihailovic are now being investigated in connection with this case and are charged with four offenses.

Rosic and Spasojevic have been in custody since November 23rd of last year, when they were arrested in the early morning hours in North Mitrovica in an action by the special Kosovo police units. In addition to Nedeljko Spasojevic and Marko Rosic, Dragisa Markovic was also arrested, while Milan Radoicic was named as the fourth suspect.

Spasojevic, who is a police investigator in the north of Kosovo, is suspected of helping the perpetrator flee from the scene of the crime in an official police vehicle.

Rosic, whose custody was also extended today, is under investigation because of a letter found in Ivanovic’s pocket containing the registration number of a jeep owned by Rosic’s family.

The third suspect, Dragisa Markovic, also a member of the Kosovo Police, was released from detention on February 22nd and was ordered, as Radio Kontakt Plus reported at the time, to report at the police station.

Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic avoided arrest and has been on the run since then. Radoicic has since been seen attending meetings with the state leading officials, along with representatives of his party, in Belgrade on several occasions. The Serbian President, the Head of the Kosovo Office, as well as Srpska Lista and Radoicic himself, claim that the action of the special Kosovo police units was an attempt to liquidate him.



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