Haradinaj on his brother’s murder: Albanians pulled the trigger, but the scenario was written by Serbia

ramuš haradinaj
FOTO: Telegrafi

The outgoing Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj said that his brother, Enver, was killed by Albanians, but that this scenario was written by Serbia.

„I believe that his murder was part of that scenario, it was proven in Dukagjini. So that the families are returned to hostility. Some Albanians indeed pulled the trigger, but the scenario was Serbian,“ he told RTV Dukagjini.

The outgoing Prime Minister said that his brother Enver „was not a problematic guy“ and assessed his murder as a political assassination.

„He did not destroy anyone but Serbia during the war. He was killed just because he was my brother or one of ours. Daut and I were in prison at the time. He was killed to fuel vengeance… But no one in our family killed an Albanian. We did not order (a murder), whether from the back or the front. Our family has some codes of honor that we have preserved,“ Haradinaj stressed.

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