Europa Nostra: Decani should not be a source of conflict, but a valuable link between citizens

sedam najugroženijih Dečani
FOTO: Europa Nostra/Printscreen

By including the Visoki Decani Monastery on this year’s list of the seven most endangered cultural monuments in Europe, Europa Nostra wants to draw more attention of the domestic and foreign public to the long-term endangerment of this exceptional cultural monument, which has been on the World Heritage List since 2006, the Executive Vice-President of this organization, Guy Clausse told the Novosti daily.

He also pointed out that this organization is ready to get involved in finding a way out of the current situation through an open and constructive conversation with all interested parties.

„In the coming period, we will talk to everyone to establish and review a detailed and comprehensive factual situation, listen to all opinions and interpretations, and so that our European experts can publish a detailed report on the current situation and suggest ways to overcome still open issues. In that context, we will work closely with EU representatives, especially with our partners from the Institute of the European Investment Bank, who attach increasing importance to the comprehensive protection of cultural heritage,“ the Vice-President said.

Clausse told Novosti that they hope that thanks to the responsible behavior of all stakeholders, in the not-so-distant future, the Decani monastery will be removed not only from our list of the most endangered cultural monuments in Europe but also from the list of World Heritage sites in danger.

„Decani Monastery should not be a source of conflict between different communities living in the Balkans, instead, it should become a valuable link between all citizens who are committed to European values ​​and who want to permanently restore dialogue and peace between nations and their cultural and spiritual identity,“ underlined Clausse.

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