Djuric once again warns of „Albanian representatives of Serbs“

Movement of Free Citizens: SNS once again drawing a target on non-Srpska Lista candidates

The Movement of Free Citizens (Pokret Slobodnih Gradjana) accused the SNS party of using its official and head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric: “to once again draw a target on candidates in the Kosovo parliamentary elections, saying that all candidates, except for Srpska Lista, are people working in the interest of the Albanians and breaking the unity of Serbs in Kosovo,“ Beta news agency reported, which was then picked up by N1.

„The same rhetoric was used in the previous elections against the assassinated Oliver Ivanovic, whom he (Djuric) referred to as ‘Haradinaj’s Serb’, and Srpska Lista later joined the government of Ramush Haradinaj,“ the Movement of Free Citizens emphasized.

This movement also underlined that Serbia should allow Kosovo Serbs the opportunity to decide themselves and without pressure what kind of people they would trust to participate in Kosovo institutions on their behalf.

Djuric: Vote for Srpska Lista, not for Albanian representatives of Serbs

Previously, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric told RTS that Kosovo Serbs should turn out for the October 6th elections and vote for Srpska Lista which has Belgrade’s support and “not for Albanian representatives of Serbs who would advocate the independence of Kosovo in the future government”.

“It’s very important for Serbs to turn out and for the Srpska Lista to maintain and expand its influence because that is how we spread and strengthen the influence of the Serb people and our negotiating position becomes stronger,” Djuric told RTS.

He announced that consultations on Kosovo elections would be held with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic this week. They will discuss the implementation of a vital support program in all Kosovo Serbian communities. The program will allow Serbs to remain in that area and make it possible for the young people to plan their future in Kosovo – Djuric added.

It is essential for Serbs to go to the Kosovo elections but „united, joined, under one banner“, Djuric added.

These are not ordinary elections where one simply has to choose between multiple political parties – this is the opinion of the Serbian official.

“The Albanians want to use Serb names to get their people elected and form a government which would be in favor of independence and they don’t want any Serb who opposes independence and wants unity with Belgrade,” said the high level Serbian official in charge of Kosovo issue

Djuric’s similar rhetoric in 2017

Marko Djuric made similar statements almost exactly two years ago, on the same morning program of RTS and on Pink TV later that day.

The occasion was similar – the Kosovo elections. At the time, the Movement of Free Citizens, led by Sasa Jankovic, gave support to Oliver Ivanovic in the eve of the elections.

„Oliver Ivanovic is supported by those who wish to destroy Serbian unity,“ Djuric said.

„Every vote for Oliver Ivanovic and anyone who is not part of Srpska Lista is a vote against the interests of the Serbian people and a vote to destroy Serbian unity in the province and obviously a vote against the safeguarding of the organic link between Serbian state institutions and the Serbian people in the province,“ he told RTS in October 2017.

„Those who want to break the unity of the Serb people in Kosovo are gathering yet again,“ Djuric warned at the time.

“Marko Djuric, I was hoping you’d never find yourself among the faceless bad mouthers. For large ranges, ambition is not enough, humanity is also required” – reads Ivanovic’s reply to Djuric.

Exactly three months later, Oliver Ivanovic was assassinated.

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