Dikovic and Cuocci at Nis Airport, "Silver Saber" Military Exercise Starts in Kosovo 

The Serbian Army HQ Chief, General Ljubisa Dikovic and KFOR Commander, Lieutenant General Salvatore Cuocci met on Monday at Nis Airport to discuss cooperation, the security situation in Kosovo and the administrative boundary line with Serbia, stated the Serbian Defense Ministry.

The Serbian Army HQ Chief has, according to the Ministry press release, underlined that “the international forces presence in KiM represents an important factor of general security and stability in our southern Province”.

Therefore, the “Serbian Army gives special attention to cooperation with KFOR”.

On the same day General Dikovic emphasized the importance of the international forces presence regarding “general security” and “stability” in KiM, Serbian top officials addressed NATO with criticism.

Serbian Foreign Minister over “an old attempt of guilt symmetry”, Defense Minister due to “eye-poking silence” over the Kosovo officials’ statements. The Office for KiM officials, Dušan Kozarev and Marko Đurić used the same tone in their addresses. Kozarev also criticized KFOR reactions on the occasion of Đurić’s arrest on March 26 in the Mitrovica Palace. More on this can be read below: 

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Such meetings between the Serbian Army HQ Chief and the KFOR Commander are held regularly, within a Joint Comission for Implementation of the Military Technical Agreement, composed of KFOR HQ Commission and Serbian Security Forces Commission representatives. 

KFOR, on the other hand, stated the same day at the military camp Film City near Pristina, which is the seat of the KFOR HQ, as well as the “Pomozatin” Camp, and also at the Slatina Military Airport – the former Yugoslav Army and Serbian Army military airport – that a military exercise titled “Silver Saber 2018” had commenced.

Describing it as one of the “most important training exercises” launched and led by KFOR, it gathers “various actors, including the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), the Kosovo Security Council (KSC), Kosovo Police (KP), Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) and Kosovo’s Agency for Emergency Management (AEM)”.  The Silver Saber exercise will take place until April 27.



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